Mineski Ready to Invest 30 Billion Rupiah in Indonesian Esports Realm in 2019!

On Thursday, (13/12/18), the largest esports organization from the Philippines, Mineski Corporation has just announced its willingness to develop the Indonesian esports realm by disbursing funds amounting to 30 billion rupiah!

The Philippine esports giant is targeting this investment for competition, infrastructure, and the development of the Mineski community in Indonesia. They are indeed intensively expanding their wings outside their home country.

MET Indonesia launch event. Source: MET Indonesia

The Mineski Events Team launch event in Indonesia was officially held on Thursday, December 13 2018. In its launch, Mineski through MET Indonesia is determined to advance Indonesian esports in a better direction.

“By seeing the potential of the esports industry in Indonesia, we will make aggressive investments in the next few years to accelerate the growth of esports in the country and catch up with other established countries.

Armed with Mineski’s knowledge and 14 years of experience in the esports ecosystem, we hope that we can raise the bar of the esports industry in Indonesia, “he said. Agustian Hwang, Country Manager of MET Indonesia.

From left to right: Danny Chang, Agustian Hwang, Ronald Robins, Auliya Ilman Fadli, Rezaly Surya Afhany. Source: MET Indonesia

To prove its seriousness in the future, Mineski Events Team (MET) plans to hold giant events in Indonesia later. Among them are the Garuda Cup, the Indonesia Professional Gaming League (IPGL), and the Jakarta Masters.

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Apart from that, they are also forging strong partnerships in creating the best esports ecosystem. Currently, Mineski is partnering with big names in their respective industries, namely Telkomsel, Tencent, GO-JEK, and Tokopedia.

MET Indonesia will collaborate with the best players in the field. Source: MET Indonesia

“Currently, Telkomsel subscribers who provide the highest revenue come from the segment gaming which reached 34 percent with more than 60 million subscribers playing games on their phones every month. For the game industry, Telkomsel’s market share in Indonesia reaches more than 22 percent.

We are very pleased to be able to form a partnership with Mineski which is in line with our commitment to building a digital lifestyle ecosystem for the people of Indonesia, “he said Auliya Ilman Fadli, General Manager of Games and Apps Telkomsel.

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Herman Widjaja, VP of Engineering Tokopedia said, “We are very happy to work with Mineski and welcome its presence in Indonesia.

Mineski carries a vision and mission that supports the development of the potential of esports in Indonesia and creates a new stage for professional gamers in Indonesia.

Tokopedia itself has similar activities such as the ‘Tokopedia Battle of Friday’ tournament which is in line with one of our focuses in advancing the esports creative industry in Indonesia.

We hope that Mineski’s presence can encourage more of the country’s best talents to go global later. “

Source: Esports.ID

If you are unfamiliar with the name Mineski, they are one of the largest esports organizations in Southeast Asia. Since being founded in 2004, they have explored many business models related to esports.

Starting from Mineski Infinity which is franchise Modern internet cafes with esports standards, they are starting to spread their wings by entering neighboring countries.

One of them is Indonesia, which currently has 3 branches in Indonesia, namely in Tanjung Duren, Kemanggisan, and Bandung.

Mineski Infinity Arena Tanjung Duren. Source: MIA

They also have brand their own gear, including a news portal, and MineskiTV which cater to the needs of Southeast Asian esports activists.

And most importantly, they also have an esports team unit, namely the Mineski Pro Team. They are also one of the best Southeast Asian teams to have advanced to the international arena.

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For the Indonesian realm, they focus on two main business branches; Mineski Infinity and MET. For MET itself, they consist of 2 main product lines, namely MET Events and MET Entertainment.

MET Events has produced more than 20 national and international esports events since its presence in 2017.

MET Talents. Source: MET Indo

MET also strives to support young talents who have the potential to further develop in the esports industry by establishing MET Entertainment.

MET Entertainment, which is also engaged in talent management, will focus on nurturing and honing the talents and abilities of talents so that they can develop and be equal to international esports talents.

Seventh talent from MET Indonesia announced are as follows:

  • Gideon “Anonymous“Arief
  • Vinzent “OddieIndra
  • Riantoro “Pasta“Yogi
  • Monica “Momochan“Mariska
  • Franzeska Edelyn
  • Karen “Ravery“Thalia
  • Vienna “Vienna“Finelia

With MET Indonesia officially starting, let’s hope they can bring Indonesian esports even further, assisted by this large investment in Indonesia.

Edited by Yubian A. Huda