Mobile Arena Changed its Name to Arena of Valor

Shocking news came from either one games MOBA Mobile that still very new output from Garena Indonesia, that is Mobile Arena.

Through the page Facebook they, games which was just released 2 months ago in Indonesia announced that it will change its name to Arena of Valor.

Further explained, this name change itself occurred in order to welcome the release games globaly (global launch) in several countries, this time Indonesia has the honor of being the first country to have the opportunity to change its logo on August 3.

For the server problem itself, it will also remain the same as before, where you will still have the respective country servers and you don’t have to worry about your account because you don’t experience reset this has been confirmed by parties Garena which was asked by RevivaLTV.

The global launch itself is intended to harmonize different names in several countries such as, Honor of Kings(China), Penta Storm(South Korea), Realm of Valor(Thailand), Mobile Arena(Indonesia) and Strike of Kings(Europe) which will also synchronize their name and logo on August 10.

Even though it’s only been 2 months, Mobile Arena already managed to roll out Mo-Cup 1 which was won by EVOS.Morena where they were sent by Garena Indonesia to follow showmatch against Vietnam All-Star at the tournament Throne of Glory in Vietnam some time ago

Garena Indonesia also promise through this name change will provide a lot more event as well as interesting features for the customers Challangers as well as presenting a variety of tournaments ranging from the local, national to international scene.