Mobile Arena New Hero Arrives – Alestier the King Makes Troubles!

Hello Challengers RevivaLTV!

Mobile Arena which is the latest game made Garena Indonesia which is based Mobile MOBA again the arrival of a new hero.

The game though is still in its stages CBT and not yet 1 month released in Indonesia, it has released 2 new heroes, previously they have brought heroes tank Grakk “The Eater”.

This time Garena Indonesia re-released the hero mage new Alesteir “The King Makes Troubles”

Alesteir is a hero mage which has the ability to control the movement of the opponent and is very useful to help from behind.

Magic Prison – Ultimate Skill

Pause: 30 seconds

Mana Consumption: 130

Aleister imprisons the enemy in a lightning prison for 2.5 seconds, resulting in 100/125/150(+0.36) Magic DMG and Stun the enemy with each hit. the enemy will get a Curse Stack when the Skill starts and finishes.

Matrix of Woe – Magic

Pause: 10 seconds

Mana Consumption: 80

Aleister summons the Matrix, continuously inflicting 100/115/130/145/160/175(+0.40) Magic DMG to enemies within range and increases 1 Curse Stack.

Magic Barrier – Magic Control

CD 14s

Mana Cost 80

Aleister summons a protective shield which raises 315/355/395/435/475/515(+1.20) Magic DMG, Stun, and add 1 Curse Stack.

Wickede Plot

Passive Real

Aleister’s skill and every third normal attack will give 1 Curse Stack to the enemy. Curse will explode after reaching 3 Stacks, dealing 130/130/130/130/130/130(+0.40) Real DMG to the enemy.

Garena Indonesia also provide discounts for in-kind purchases bundle Hero Alesteir + Skin Voidweaver Alesteir

So, don’t miss trying this new hero, guys ~