Mobile Legends Epic Showcase Skin Leaks October 2020, This ML Hero?

It is predicted that it will become a Legendary skin for the next 2021. But it turns out that this Skin Granger named Agent Z was leaked to be the newest skin for the Epic Showcase event in October 2020.

Granger is one of the best marksman heroes in Mobile Legends today. Having the appearance of a demon hunter, with two weapons in his hand, this one hero is widely played by Mobile Legends gamers.

After previously getting a leak that Agent Z’s skin is a skin specifically for Legendary skins in 2021. But the latest news is that this one skin will be presented for Epic skin at the Epic Showcase event in October 2020 Mobile Legends.

On this occasion the epic skin leaks that will be present at the Epic Showcase event in October 2020 Mobile Legends. It has a very cool appearance as well as for meta heroes and is much favorite, here is a complete look at the skin Granger – Agent Z in Mobile Legends.

The October 2020 Mobile Legends Epic Showcase Skin Leaks

After the previous epic showcase hero was given to the hero Khufra. Now in October 2020 tomorrow, you will get a new skin for the Granger hero with the name Agent Z.This new skin has a look like the Annual Starlight Gord skin.

Has the same theme, which is about games, as well as identical animated backgrounds. This new skin is certainly very cool to look forward to.

Unlike the previously available skins, this time Granger displays a cartoon-like appearance. In the overall view, maybe you will see the Granger Agent Z skin is very similar to the Legendary Gusion skin. It has an appearance with costumes that look exactly the same but you can get this skin at the Epic Showcase Mobile Legends event.

Moonton seems to really like to present costumes with a half-cyborg appearance in Mobile Legends. After previously leaked the Karrie hero who has a mecha or cyborg design. This latest Granger Hero skin also applies the same appearance.

But what’s different is the bright appearance and this very kidly skin, especially for those of you ganger users who want to get the newest epic skin.

Granger also currently has quite a lot of skins that can be played, ranging from normal skins, elite skins, starlight skins, lightborn skins to the latest Granger Epic skin.

So that’s the latest leak for epic skins at the Epic Showcase event which will be present in October 2020. Hopefully the above reviews can be useful especially for those of you who are Mobile Legends gamers.

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