Mobile Legends Presents Saykoji and JKT48 at MSC 2017!

The Grand Final of Mobile Legends Southeast Asia Cup (MSC) 2017 will begin today, 1 – 3 September 2017 at Mall Taman Anggrek Jakarta. 8 squads of Mobile Legends from 5 Southeast Asian countries will compete in the next three days to win the prize pool of 1.3 billion rupiah. Not to forget, Moonton also invited the famous rapper Saykoji and also the idol group JKT48 to enliven this biggest Mobile Legends event.

Saykoji will definitely bring the song Online which was very hits in 2009, another song that is suitable to be sung is Game Online. If “Online” describes netizens who like to play Social Media, then “Online Game” clearly describes a gamer who likes and likes to play online games such as DOTA, Counter Strike and other online games.

Saykoji said that he would slightly modify the Online Game song with a special Mobile Legends theme during MSC 2017.

“I am very happy to be a part of the performers at MSC 2017 in the future. Apart from singing, playing games is also one of the things I like to do in my spare time and Mobile Legends is also a game that I often play. And not only that, I will also present the Online Game song with some changes to Mobile Legends specifically for this event and the Mobile Legends players. ” Saykoji said during the last Mobile Legends press conference.

Maybe this will be a new history in Indonesian esports where an artist will arrange a special song for a gaming event in Indonesia. In addition, there will also be a famous idol group JKT48 who will accompany Mobile Legends lovers at the Jakarta Indonesia Orchid Garden Mall.

For those of you who like Mobile Legends and also fans of Saykoji and JKT48, this is an event that you must attend. Besides being able to see Southeast Asia’s top ML players playing, you can also be entertained to see your favorite artists performing in front of you.

The event is free and is free of charge, there are even merchandise and gifts for MSC 2017. MSC 2017 is organized by Moonton and sponsored by VIVO and supported by BIGO Live, CODA Shop and super fast Internet by MNC Play. So, don’t miss it