MPL Invitational First Week Recap: Indonesia (Almost) Perfect!

Since Moonton decided to hold an empty schedule filler championship titled Mobile Legends Professional League Invitational or now abbreviated as MPL Invitational with participants from 4 countries namely Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, and Myanmar, there are not a few esports enthusiasts. Mobile Legends which predicts Indonesia will dominate the tournament with a good record. Their predictions were not wrong, Indonesia really shone in the first week of the MPL Invitational.

Indonesian representatives in this week’s group phase are spread across 3 different groups, namely group A with ONIC and Aura Fire, group B with EVOS and Alter Ego, then finally group C with Bigetron Alpha and Genflix Aerowolf. How about the condition of each team from each group? Let’s look at it together.

Group A – 19 June 2020

source: Instagram

The leader of Group A is ONIC with 2 points and followed by Aura Fire with 1 point, then below them are Todak and Team SMG.

The first match of the day between ONIC and Todak was completely lopsided with ONIC playing wild and closing the best of three in less than 11 minutes. The same thing even happened when ONIC had a power struggle with Team SMG, a bloody match that was completely controlled by ONIC.

Then what about Aura Fire? Their combination of aggressive play and teamwork managed to silence Team SMG in two matches. As if racing against ONIC, they ended the first match in less than 9 minutes. Their second match was not as fast as before, but they still came out as winners over Team SMG.

Group B – 20 June 2020

The leader of Group B is Alter Ego Esports with 1 point along with EVOS SG and Team Bosskurr, both of which are also perched on 1 point while Notorious Villain must be steadfast with zero on their points.

The opening series of the day between EVOS Legends against Geek Fam was fierce with both teams of the same caliber, but in the end EVOS Legends, now equipped by the coach as well as the player, Zeys proved to be more powerful than Geek Fam, ending the match. best of three with a 2-1 win.

Followed by EVOS SG against Team Bosskurr, the two teams seemed to show no flaws with their respective playing styles during this time best of three they live. But based on those two matches, EVOS SG looks even stronger during the phase mid-late gameTeam Bosskurr failed to match this courage, so they had to give up best of three for EVOS SG.

Series The third day is decorated by Udil with his Alter Ego uniform. In debut serieshe played quite well as a mage namely Luo Yi and Pharsa. Complete Udil with teammates who are in sync with him, Alter Ego undertakes series easily until it comes out as a winner.

Today’s final feud was filled by Team Bosskurr and Notorious Villain, the first two matches from the two neighboring countries were draw with each team taking advantage of the gap from their opponent until the score ended in a draw. But in the third match, Team Bosskurr seemed to have read all the movements of the Notorious Villains so they went through with it perfect game by 14 kills by their side without a single reply.

Group C – 21 June 2020

The top three rankings in Group C are filled by Bigetron Alpha, Genflix Aerowolf, and Siren Clan with each team winning one point while Geek Fam ID has to sit in the bottom position with no points at all.

The third day opened with a beautiful performance from Bigetron Esports against the Siren Clan, Bigetron Alpha did not completely wipe out the opposing team like the last match yesterday and was matched by the Siren Clan, but team coordination and Lord’s help proved to be far more effective in giving victory to DreamS and friends. friend.

Series second is the battle between the Indopride team, namely Geek Fam ID and Genflix Aerowolf, in the first game Genflix Aerowolf dominates for the first 7 minutes without any response from Geek Fam ID so that it results in a victory for Watt and his troops. However, the second match was a draw for the two teams until the 8th minute when Genflix Aerowolf started racing and continued to exert pressure on Geek Fam ID until it resulted in victory.

Series third on June 21 and at the end of the first week bringing together Genflix Aerowolf and Siren Can, the first match looked very good for Genflix Aerowolf until Watt and his friends won the first match very easily.

However, entering the second and third games, Siren Clan seems to have read the entire Genflix Aerowolf strategy. Long duration adorned the last two matches of the first week, the two teams did not make a gap late game, in the end the Siren Clan proved to be superior and victorious over Genflix Aerowolf. This defeat is the first and last defeat of the Indonesian team against other countries in the first week of the MPL Invitational, what about the second week? We’ll wait for the upcoming June 26-28