MPL Week 2 Day 2: Lemon Kagura Unstoppable

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League Indonesia Season 1 has finished all matches in the third week, the second day. On the third week on the second day, MPL Indonesia Season 1 brought the pair together Pandora eSports against Saints Indo 2, Rex Regum Qeon Oxygen against Louvre, and Rev Indo against Elite 8 Critical Reborn.

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Pandora eSports vs Saints Indo 2

Pandora eSports, which until now has only received one point, must face Saints Indo 2, who both have one point. The battle for points here means a lot to both teams as they are both in a very unsafe position.

This made the two teams have to play seriously in order to win both games. However, the two teams got a draw. Ended with a score of 1-1, both teams had to be satisfied with the points.

Rex Regum Qeon Oxygen vs Louvre

A surprise happened on games first time Lemon managed to use his flagship hero, Kagura. Somehow the Louvre didn’t tire to Kagura. Though Lemon is global top from Kagura. Lemon got it firstblood over Lancelot used by Rawless with the help of HOWE who uses Natalia. The RRQ team’s games always feature aggressive play.

With the aggressive play of the RRQ team, the Louvre tried to counter these tactics with an aggressive game pattern trying to pull off steals However, the RRQ team could thwart this.

They try to do kill on Kagura to have to do dive turret however, the tactic backfired on the Louvre team. Trying to do ultimate to Kagura, Chou was instead killed by Kagura.

Lemon’s Kagura is second to none.

Unlike the first game, now the Louvre team chose to do so tire to Kagura so that the previous incident would not happen again. Trying to do cut wave creep, Fanny used by InstincT instead it was hit Firstblood by Lapu Lapu used by ARSS.

Attempting to play aggressively, the Louvre team managed to get by turtle the first one and get a kill on Zhask used by Marsha. But a blessing backup done by Fanny, the Louvre team failed to get turret The first.

RRQ even managed to get two turret beforehand compared to the Louvre team, by making use of the Zhask that has the potential to do pushing.

Despite being able to hold off for quite a while, unfortunately, the Louvre hasn’t managed to get any points on match this. RRQ won both games and got 2 points again.

REV Indo vs Elite 8 Critical Reborn

Both teams played quite aggressively. Several times did dive turret to get kill, Grock used by Yo[R] played very well several times did blocking which is very strategic.

One of the special moments made by Grock was blocking the road from Chou so that Cyclops could kill Chou easily, even though kill Lesley could easily reply to that.

Teamfight even took place in the area around Lord. Team Elite8 Critical Rebon who originally tried to do ganking at Bruno it managed to thwart even direction teamfight sided with REV Indo.

After successfully killing four hero, REV Indo managed to get it Lord The first. Unfortunately, an attempt to end the game by REV Indo with some help Lord the first one can be thwarted by the Elite 8 Critical Reborn. However, the second experiment conducted by REV Indo also bore fruit because they managed to win the first game.

REV Indo again shows an aggressive game. Unfortunately, their advantage is on early game didn’t last long. Chou even became the target of the Elite8 Critical Reborn team. Even in the fourth minute Chou died for the third time.

REV Indo also tried to get Lord the first, after getting three kills on turret under. Leaving behind Akai and Balmond, who tried to do it steals on Lord was successfully thwarted by REV Indo.

Managed to get Lord the second one, REV Indo tries to end the game but this can be thwarted by Elite8 Critical Reborn. The efforts of E8 to combine defensive strategies while performing effective ganking also paid off.

After getting Lord Third, Elite8 starts to take control of the game direction. After getting Lord the fourth, Elite8 Critical Reborn can finish the second game. REV Indo and Elite 8 Critical Reborn have to settle for sharing the numbers 1-1.

The match between REV Indo and Elite 8 Critical Reborn closed MPL week 3 day 2 this is very exciting.

How is the continuation of MPL Indonesia Season 1? Keep on watching the fun match from MPL every weekend through the MLBB eSports YouTube channel or Mobile Legends Facebook Fanpage.

Edited by Jabez Elijah