MPL Week 2, Day 2: RRQ.O2 Conquering EVOS Esports

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League (MPL) has reached its second week on the second day. On the second day of the second week this takes place big match Among EVOS eSports vs. Rex Regum Qeon.O². Besides there are big match Among EVOS eSports vs. Rex Regum Qeon.O², there are also other games that are no less exciting between Bigetron Player Kill vs. Louvre and Elite 8 Critical Reborn vs. NXL>.

Louvre Vs Bigetron Player Kill

In the first game the match was very aggressive, at the start of the match Louvre try to take it red buff from the team Bigetron Player Kill, but these efforts can be thwarted by Bigetron Player Kill and even making the Louvre team lose two of its players, Akai and Lolita.

Hilda used by Vin played very aggressively in this game which put a lot of pressure on the Louvre team. Even though the Louvre did turret first but it didn’t bring the Louvre team a win.

Compared to the first game, the second game ran faster due to zhask. Zhask used by Eiduart located in triple lane together with Estes and Grock put quite high pressure on the Louvre team.

Bigetron Player Kill received 6 turret in a fairly short time, which is 6 minutes averaged 1 turret every minute. Even though the Louvre team managed to do steals to Lord the first but it did not produce good results. The Louvre team had to acknowledge the power of Bigetron Player Kill and must submit to score 2-0.

EVOS eSports Vs Rex Regum Qeon.O²

Bigmatch game this first featuring a very exciting match to watch. Back HOWE using the real Layla instead hero meta at the moment but it has no effect on team performance.

Even Layla managed to become carry headline for this first game. This will not happen if cover badly done by Chou and Balmond. The two of them were able to look after their Marksman very well because, even at the end of the game, Layla had only one death.

After losing the first game, EVOS eSports don’t give up and they are had the upper hand Rex Regum Qeon.O² on early game to mid game in the second game.

Unfortunately, on late game, EVOS eSports failed to maintain their lead. Excellent performance shown by Marsha who uses Akai. Marsha very aggressive play by doing zoning to the EVOS eSports team. Harley used by Oura has always been the main target of Akai’s ulti. This made Oura unable to provide burst damage to the Rex Regum Qeon.O² team.

After 20 minutes games in progress EVOS eSports had to admit the superiority of Rex Regum Qeon.O². These results make EVOS eSports lose to score 2-0 by Rex Regum Qeon.O². The mentality of the king, namely Rex Regum Qeon.O², indeed cannot be underestimated even by using hero which is outside meta even they were able to outperform big teams like EVOS eSports.

Elite 8 Critical Reborn Vs Team NXL>

Reappeared combo from Chou and Aurora, Team NXL> dominate early game. Rave who use Hilda can rotate very well. The rotation that is done often produces results kill for Team NXL>. However on mid game Team NXL> unable to maintain its superiority.

Spade who use Bruno always gets a great position and can do free hit so that Team NXL> has a hard time killing Spade. Wipeout from Elite8 Critical Reborn change the course of the game and bring victory to the Elite8 Critical Reborn team.

Again, TEAM NXL> got the upper hand on early game. However Harley is used by Four made the main target by Elite8 Critical Reborn. In 10 minutes, Harley gets a KDA 1/5/2, which means that almost every 2 minutes Harley is killed by the Elite8 Critical Reborn team.

Back Spade by using Bruno to give burst damage which was very high against Team NXL>. Elite8 Critical Reborn managed to win games this and earn score 2-0 over Team NXL>.

On Week 2 Day 2, MPL show a very exciting match to watch and on this second day all the matches take place with score 2-0. Watch the continuation of MPL on Saturdays and Sundays.

For those of you who missed watching the match on week 2 day 2 you can see the match in the following video: