MPL Week 5 Day 2: Rekt Hayabusa The Real Ninja, EVOS eSports and RRQ Earn Full Points

Coming back to Mobile Legends Professional League (MPL) Indonesia, after having to take 2 weeks off. Now MPL continues with excitement that is not inferior to previous weeks. Week 5 day 2 bring together Saints Indo 2 against EVOS eSports, Team NXL> against Bigetron Player Kill, and Rev Indo against Rex Regum Qeon.Oxygen.

Saints Indo 2 vs EVOS eSports

In the first game between Saints Indo 2 against EVOS eSports, the EVOS eSports team played very aggressively. Rotation after rotation is done on early games making Saints Indo 2 look overwhelmed.

Successfully getting the first Turret and Turtle made EVOS eSports superior in terms of gold up to 4000.

JessNoLimit who uses Helcrut play very focused on getting the turret and split push done by JessNoLimit makes a difference networth getting further. Even at 7 minutes difference networth almost shows the number 10,000 gold.

With the advantages possessed by the EVOS eSports team, they managed to do it endgame at 9 minutes after killing Lord. Score while 1-0 for EVOS eSports.

Unlike the first game, Saints Indo tried to adjust the tempo of the game. Turtle the first ever obtained by the EVOS eSports team, at games the second was successfully obtained by Saints Indo 2.

Very good game shown by IOS and Oura, after successfully killing Moskov. Angela and Alpha who tried to turn back were successfullylock by ultimate from Johnson used by IOS. Successfully done steals on the second Turtle, the EVOS eSports team tried to raise networth they have even if they have to sacrifice 3 players for the second Turtle.

Even though they managed to hold back for a long time, Saints Indo has not succeeded in conquering the EVOS eSports team. The match ended with a score of 2-0 for EVOS.

Team NXL> vs Bigetron Player Kill

In match second, TEAMnxl> met Bigetron Player Kill.

In the first game, both teams played very passively because they were both focused farming although several times trying to do ganking. However, these efforts have not been maximized by the two teams.

The Bigetron Player Kill team also tries to hunt Turtle for the sake of improving networth however these efforts can be thwarted by TEAMnxl>. Other than the Turtle that was hit steals by Zilong, TEAMnxl> also managed to get two kill.

Until the end of the first game, Bigetron Player Kill made a few mistakes and nxl> was able to take advantage of that for a win. TEAMnxl> even managed to win games the first without a single death on their team.

Trying to play more aggressively, Bigetron Player Kill managed to get hold of double kill after previously not getting kill at all in the first game. Helcurt and Johnson are killed by Hylos who is assisted by Hayabusa.

In the second game the match was quite tough. Only in the 20s, nxl> looks to take the lead. Remarkably, Bigetron Player Kill was able to maneuver at the end of the match and made the match result 1-1.

Rex Regum Qeon Oxygen vs Rev Indo

In match The last one was between RRQ and Rev Indo, RRQ again showed the might of the King. RRQ.Oxygen managed to win over Rev Indo with score 2-0. After being held to a draw by the NXL Team> on week 5 day 1, RRQ returned to show their best performance.

That’s highlights and result from MPL week 5 day 2, did your favorite team win the match this time? Watch the continuation of MPL Indonesia through the Facebook fanpage of Mobile Legends.

Edited by Jabez Elijah