MPL Week 6 Day 1: Another Maniac, STJr Sweeps Domino 2-0!

Enter week 6th, the competition in MPL Season 1 feels even fiercer. Given that only the top 8 teams in the standings will play in the round playoffs, all teams have to play extra carefully! What is the excitement of the series of matches on MPL Week 6 Day 1 this?

MPL Week 6 Day 1 match schedule.

ELITE8 Critical Reborn vs Bigetron Player Kill

After Maniac obtained by Spade at MPL Week 5 Day 1, I think E8 will never get bored with Karrie. They also get Johnson which is hero META. Do not want to be left behind, BTR take heroes with skill crowd control.

Game first it actually works in balance. Although E8 had lost in terms of networth and turret, they stay relaxed and win a few teamfight. When BTR tried to take Lord, E8 interrupted him and succeeded in overthrowing 3 hero from BTR. BTR becomes overwhelmed to do push despite getting God.

On a teamfight in mid game, BTR is exposed wipe out although Moskov (Rekt) got double kill. In fact, who initiated it teamfight it was BTR itself, but things turned around.

After teamfight that, E8 also tried to take the Lord. The first score was secured by E8 after they won teamfight the last to spare Angela (Emperor), Hylos (Vin) and Chou (Coffeeguy) from BTR to do defense.

Both of these teams seem to really like to print recordrecord new, starting from Savage the first that Rekt gets and Maniac that Spade gets. Well, on games second of these, the duration is up to 40 minutes! But calm down, we won’t go into too much detail so you don’t get bored.

Here we will take a closer look at why BTR lost at games this. First, in terms of draft E8 is indeed superior to BTR. Why? Because BTR doesn’t have a Marksman so DPS (damage per second) from their team less. They prefer herohero with skill crowd control as games first.

Second, BTR did not take the opportunity to end it games rapidly. Given that E8 has herohero whose potential is at mid approaching late games, BTR should have played more carefully so they could end games at least before Lesley and Helcurt became active inside games.

Lastly, when BTR will do push to base E8 (even ready with his God!), They were a bit of a blunder. It looks like they are too focused to multi-tasking by eyeing the whole turret in order to get super minion. Although Helcurt (Spade) fell early fight, it causes HP from Kagura (Emperor) to low and he was successfullykill Akai (Joker).

Zilong (Fabiens), which is also currently doing push on top turret must fall first because in-kill by Harley (King). Only Grock (Coffeeguy) and Cyclops (Vin) of the BTR who survived after teamfight that.

At the end match, networth the player of course very high. Networth Lesley (Jack), as well as sources damage the most. Wow!

Wow, how much networth can you buy Cireng?

Pandora eSport vs Team Nxl

Pandora, either due to miscommunication or somehow, their performance has decreased greatly in both games compared to previous weeks. In fact, they should be careful not to fall into the relegation zone.

As you can see in the 4 pictures below, Balmond (DieNoob) and Zilong (Com) is trying to do gank Against Helcurt (Billy). Dive turret is something that is impossible for Zilong, and Balmond should go first (so that Balmond cantank blow turret). According to the caster also actually this action too greedy.

Finally, Helcurt was saved, Zilong died, and Balmond was caught in two hero from nxl> that came from mid.

The chronology of the Helcurt (Billy) arrest.

On games second, actually on early game Pandora did her best. They got some turtle and kill. Unfortunately, as it went games their unity is getting lost, and one by one hero was kidnapped. Maybe it’s also the result of the rotation of nxl> which is very good. Thus, a score of 2-0 is obtained nxl>.

EVOS eSports vs Louvre

If Donkey that’s always been playmaker on every win EVOS in the past weeks, this time IOS also joined him. Lolita (Donkey) and Chou (IOS) were successful in making Louvre overwhelmed, even though several times they both had to become sacrifices in order core hero from EVOS can get a number kill.

IOS action saves Lesley (KneEr). Btw, the KneEr has flicker backwards.

Not only that, JessNoLimit who use Helcurt is also very, very spoiled by his team. Freefarm? Yes. Lasthit turtle? Could. Gold buff? You can too. The Louvre also seemed to forget that Jess was also there games that, they are more busy picking up other EVOS members.

Thanks to EVOS ‘consistency in indulging JessNoLimit, he managed to earn networth highest in games. That too brought EVOS to victory games first.

Actually, Donkey could throw it out right now, but he gave the kill to Jess. Salute!

In early game on games second, Oura seemed really bothered. He also got caught stealing buff in jungle Louvre. But things turned around. Moment war in top turret EVOS, the position of the Louvre is very profitable for EVOS so that Oura managed to get the Maniac. Uniquely, Maniac is obtained at 3:45 minutes which is still fairly low early game!

The Louvre certainly wasn’t discouraged after that. On a teamfight, Lapu-Lapu (Arss) cast triple stun and that almost harms EVOS. Unfortunately, Hayabusa (JessNoLimit) immediately did ultimatethat is Shadow Kill. The Louvre was hit wipe out. Lord successfully secured EVOS after teamfight and games the second ended quite briefly.

With that said, EVOS once again showed their fangs in MPL, beating the Louvre with a 2-0 victory.

Saints Indo 2 vs Domino’s Hunters

STJr who are still at the bottom of the standings seem to have to fight hard to get points. Their struggle was not in vain, they won games first. Good Alucard (Rangers) and Harley (Meatzza) could not do anything because of the constant pressure.

Game the second was more intense because the two teams had a composition hero balanced. But it looks like STJr can read the strategy Domino, moreover core hero from Domino the same as games previous. So, to complicate the movement of Harley, heroes like Saber, Cyclops and Johnson werepick. That way, the 2-0 victory went to STJr.

That’s the fourth fun match at MPL Week 6 Day 1. For your information, regular season only 1 left week again that is Week 7, so don’t forget to watch MPL on the Facebook page of Mobile Legends. Greetings Mobile Legends!

Edited by Jabez Elijah