MUST WATCH! Here’s the Making of the Genji Ovewatch Sword in 360 Video!

When talking about Overwatch, of course, Genji’s name seems like it is so close. How could he not, armed with a sword, Genji seemed to be the belle of himself for some players, of course.

Genji in his lore, is described as the son of Sojiro Shimada, a ninja master. He is also the brother of Hanzo. Meanwhile, if we talk about swords, swords or what is commonly called his katana it is called Ryu-ichimonji.

And a YouTube channel that has been around since early 2013, namely AWE me, created a segment, namely Man At Arms. The segment most watched by viewers consists of people making art. In this case, they are blacksmiths who try to make items in cartoon series, games, and sci-fi.

On one occasion, they had made Genji’s sword in this segment. In particular, they made it in 360 videos. So that you will be able to see the making process more closely and interactively.

Here, there are four videos uploaded by them. Starting from the beginning of manufacture, processing, finishing, to the demo when the sword is finished. And here are the four videos. It is recommended to watch it with the best resolution that can be used where you are watching.

In the first video, it shows the manufacture from the beginning to the formation of the sword. Just the raw form.

In the second part, the detail creation process is in place. In this video the shape of the sword begins to appear.

Well, the improvements in this third video culminate in just one more step to see how cool the sword is.

And in the final video, the merging of the details that has been created finally creates the perfect sword. And with the demo in the last section, you can judge what this sword is all about. How good?

Eits, but if you guys feel a little confused, calm down! Because there is one more video which is not a 360 video and it looks like it will be easier to view.

So, what do you think the value for this one sword is? From 1-10!