MVP Phoenix Loses Captain, DuBu Joins DeMoN’s New Roster

Again, news is still emerging about a new roster in preparation for the next season, the Kiev Major. Besides Fata, who has announced his new roster, DeMoN also doesn’t want to lose. Through his official fanpage, he announced 3 other players who were together in a team named Team Onyx.

source: twitter @dotademon

The 3 players mentioned are, DuBu, Albino (Mason), and BuLba. Unfortunately for the last roster who has not been announced, but some dota fans say that it is possible that Abed will fill the empty role. Considering that Abed is currently in the Free Agent position after leaving Execration, but there is also a possibility that he may not, because he is busy with work in other fields according to the statement he delivered last time.

source, fanpage:

Looking back at the 3 players, with DuBu’s entry into Team Onyx’s roster, it means that the captain’s position in the MVP Phoenix is ​​empty, while BuLba, who is still a player from Team Liquid but lately continues to be standardized by GH, maybe this will be confirmation that BuLba has passed away Team Liquid and GH officially join Team Liquid. Lastly is Albino, maybe at a glance you don’t know about this player, it turns out that he is the player who once stood at Evil Geniuses replacing Fear, yes, his nickname was Mason.


The thing about Albino’s nickname has also been confirmed directly by DeMoN, that it seems like a mistake from the major registration valve site, Mason is still a Mason.

source, twitter @dotademon

Still curious about who will fill that one empty role, hopefully they get a suitable player and can perform well in the future. Goodluck Team Onyx (y)