N0tail gives his views on Sumail and MidOne

Captain OG Johan “N0tailSundstein was recently interviewed by the Russian news portal Cybersport.ru on a wide range of topics. However, there are some interesting topics to discuss, such as his views on their 2 new retainer.

OG’s new 2 players are Sumail and also MidOne. N0tail said that many misjudged Sumail that he was an arrogant player but in fact Sumail was not a player like that.

“No, I don’t agree. People have complete misconceptions about SumaiL. Yes, he may appear cocky over some statements or interviews, but the exact same thing can be said about other people. Often they only have that kind of image online (which is seen online), and when you meet such a person in person, they are completely different. I’m like that myself, the n0tails you see in interviews or social networks don’t all represent me.

The first SumaiL interview after moving to OG.  Photo: OG
Source: OG

SumaiL is a very confident person. And yes, he praises himself a lot. But this is only part of what is really hidden in it. We all like to cling to individual traits in the evaluation of others, and it’s very easy for SumaiL to mark them as narcissistic or arrogant. But this is not true. ” explained N0tail.

N0tail was also asked whether it was easy to work with MidOne because there were many rumors that circulated when in Team Secret MidOne rarely communicated with his teammates, even when eating he was alone and did not make contact with his colleagues at all.

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MidOne in OG form.  Photo: OG
Source: OG

“Yek is one of the best teammates I have had in my life. It’s great fun with him. But jokes aside, he is one of the smartest players… no, the brilliant player I have come across. I admire it. ” he explained.