N0tail loses in a 1vs1 match against a student from the Philippines

Captain OG, Johan “N0tail“Sundstein plays against attacking Filipino student Zedrik”jeffDizon in a 1v1 match at the Red Bull R1V1R Runes Philippines.

This event is the match most eagerly awaited by fanbase big OG Philippines and also the match was broadcast by WomboxCombo. Many hoped for N0tail, but the result ended in surprise.

n0tail philippines

Student from Ateneo de Manila University (ADMU), Zedrik “jeff“Dizon won the Red Bull R1V1R Runes Philippines. He managed to appear at the top of a group of 128 potential competitors.

The match against N0tail was a shocking event, Jeff managed to beat N0tail in the 1v1 BO3 exhibition matchup.

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The 3 matches are Mid-only by using the same hero.

  • Game 1: Juggernaut vs Juggernaut (N0tail wins)
  • Game 2: Windranger vs Windranger (Jeff wins)
  • Game 3: Undying vs. Undying (Jeff wins)

Here is the VOD of the match:

Although this was a big moment for the Filipino student, he managed to beat the champion from TI. However, it should also be noted that N0tail has to play a match hosted on that SEA server, away from Denmark, so he has to play with an unstable ping.