N0tail Match Ana with Mike Tyson

The captain of OG as well as the winner of The International 2 times in a row, namely Johan ” N0tail “Sundstein seems to have more free time after The International 9 by always actively playing on social media, especially Twitter.

This was done by him to interact with his fans. He has also provided opinions on various topics including League of Legends (conflict between Doublelift) and regarding major / minor.

Recently N0tail returned to activity on Twitter by responding to theScore Esports who provided ‘Hard Carry of the Year‘to Ana at theScore esports Awards 2019.

“This guy is literally Mike Tyson from Dota, I was already laughing and crying for my enemies when I saw what he did to them.

“Over the years Ana has shown where an” open mind “can lead you as a great player. “Said N0tail at Twitter.

Ana has indeed become one carry Dota 2 best in the world, where gameplay who is careful but smart and hard to catch are the advantages he has.

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Ana theScore Esports
Source: theScore Esports

Of course, the praise given by the captain seems to be making rumors about Yeik. ” MidOne “Nai Zheng will replace Ana’s position will not be realized.

Because as we know, Ana is a very important player for OG and is one of the keys to OG’s success in winning The International 2 times in a row.

However we will see clearly whether OG will make a replacement rooster when qualification for the third major and minor tournaments begins. So wait for further information only on RevivalTV!