N0tail Reply to Doublelift’s “Depreciating” Dota 2

Recently, players League of Legends who is currently playing for Team Liquid namely Yiliang “DoubleliftPeng has provided statement which is controversial.

According to Doublelift, Dota 2 still much easier than League of Legends. Suddenly this made the community rowdy Dota 2 who did not receive his words.

I would say that Dota 2 has more to learn than League of Legends. But, mechanically, no. The odds are zero percent for Dota 2 have more ceiling skill of the League of Legends.

“You will definitely find more buttons on Dota 2, but most of the buttons can be targeted at your opponent so you don’t need to show above average skills too often. Dota 2 is a game about knowledge, League of Legends really mechanically intense, ”explained Doublelift while performing live streaming.

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As if he didn’t accept Doublelift’s statement, the winner of The International 2 times in a row as well as the captain of OG, namely Johan “N0tailSundstein gave a reply message.

N0tail posted his reply via Twitter, in which he said he was going to the pub as well League of Legends and “shitstompedThem.

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He even teased the athletes League of Legends which only has 4-5 kill in 30 minutes and question the complexity of the game.

This is quite surprising if we look at the personality of N0tail, where he is a person with a personality that “slow“And also full of jokes.

Of course we still want to see the next episode of the drama that gets heated up between Dota 2 and League of Legends especially because the 2 big stars of each esports title have an argument through cyberspace.

Editor: Yubian Asfar