NaToSaphiX Replaces zehN in Sprout (ex-PENTA)

Sprout via his official Twitter account stated that one of his players, Jesse “zehN” Linjala has been free from the German organization’s contract, and has become a free agent. In addition, Sprout will propose NaToSaphiX to his team.

Lately, the player transfer market CS: GO in full swing. Same as Dota 2, an ordinary player transfer will take place after the game’s biggest tournament has ended, in this case the Major at CS: GO. All teams that are deemed unsuitable roosterit will be overhauled before the next major. And this time, the Sprout team changed one of the players.

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Sprout itself is still a new face in the world CS: GO. Previously, Sprout was a team containing former PENTA Sports players who have now closed the division CS: GO so that the former PENTA players decided to form a new organization, named Sprout.

Jesse “ZehN” Linjala himself was one of the 3 former PENTA players who competed in the PGL Major Krakow 2017. However, the performance of the kRYSTAL team and colleagues is arguably not what they wanted. The reason is, Sprout only managed to win 19-21 positions in the 2018 ELEAGUE Major Boston qualifier.

Niels-Christian “NaToSaphiX”Sillassen is not a foreign name in the world Counter Strike. He is better known as content creator on Youtube, and Streamer on Twitch. NaTo has at least 150 thousand subscriber on YouTube. One of the most famous is the video series about tips and tricks for CS: GO for beginners.

NaTo also got to play CS: GO professionally since 2013, but he only played in independent teams without organization. such as Alpha Gaming, and eFuture.

NaToSaphiX will debut at the IEM Katowice 2018 open qualifier. He will take the AWPer position from Kevin “KRYSTAL” Amend will become IGL replacing zehN.

The entry Content Creator YouTube to the professional team is not the first time there. The reason is, in North America, there is a team called Mythic which consists of members streamer CS: GO top board. In addition, they also participate in various American level professional tournaments, such as MDL, ESEA Season, and many more. The Mythic players you might know are, fl0m or adreN.

With this, the current roster of Sprout is:

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