Natus Vincere End Dendi and Team Secret’s Fight in a Fierce Match!

Maincast Autumn Brawl become an event that brings a special moment. The reason is, Natus Vincere who defeated Team Lithium able to become the strongest by defeating Team Secret.

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Source: Na’Vi YouTube

Unlike the previous match, Team Secret this time was strengthened by two rooster ex Na’Vi, that is Dendi and Puppey. The presence of the legendary Na’Vi, Dendi himself as a standin, was due to his absence MidOne post PVP Esports.

Of course this match was full of emotions because Dendi was forced to leave Na’Vi even with an active contract. With this, Na’Vi seems to show that the decision made by management and SoNNeikO proved to be true.

Source: Maincast

The PVP Esports champion was forced to drop after a fierce match from the two teams. Natus Vincere and Team Secret produced a 2-1 victory for the Ukrainian esports team.

So, how is the match between the two teams? RevivalTV presents a brief review of the match which took place last night.

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Match brings format best-of-three (Bo3) where both teams have the possibility to equalize the score. Then, the first match brought a game that was quite easy for Team Secret.

Drow Ranger which Dendi took was able to be the key to the first victory, even Dendi couldn’t be killed in the first match. As a result, Team Secret was able to dominate and successfully secured the first point, 1-0 for Team Secret.

But herein lies the excitement of the Team Secret vs Na’Vi match. The reason is, the second match runs for more than 70 minutes. Using the Alchemist, Ark. able to secure networth very quickly.

Ark. also continue to buy Aghanim to support, like Phoenix to do counter-initiate. Even Team Secret formed a formation burst damage with a combo of Ethereal Blade and Dagon.

Even though Na’Vi hasn’t been able to touch highground until the 60th minute, but finally Dendi used it Tinker made less effective. As a result, Stomp from Centaur Warrunner brought a bright spot and Na’Vi was able to win the second match, 1-1 for both teams.

The deciding match is arguably not too hot as the second match. The reason is, Na’Vi under the SoNNeikO captain shows a very neat draft hero.

Team Secret who chose Medusa was able to be countered by taking 3 hero cores from Na’Vi, namely Beastmaster, Sniper and Clinkz. Naturally Na’Vi played aggressively and didn’t deliver space in order for Medusa to do farming.

Even Dendi, who played nicely with Drow Ranger in the first game, was rendered helpless. It only took 21 minutes for Na’Vi to finish the resistance from Team Secret, 2-1 for SoNNeikO and friends to win.

Source: Maincast

With this result, Na’Vi will advance to the next round and will face the team NoPango the successful beat Gambit Esports. But apart as a team, Ark. plays its role very well.