Natus Vincere got his first win after 2 years without titles

Finally, after almost 2 years passed, Natus Vincere got his first victory. This time they managed to take the title in the Starseries Invitational Season 2 tournament and took home the prize of $ 135,000 or the equivalent of 1.7 BILLION RUPIAH @. @ ~.

It’s not playing for NaVi’s struggle in this tournament, they even defeated strong teams like Fnatic, Evil Geniuses and Team Secret in the Grand Final.

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During the grand final, Team Secret took game 1, but game 2 Navi made a comeback with the amazing gameplay from Dendi – Invoker.

And the last game they finished quite quickly, only took 18 minutes.

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NaVi’s first win after 2 years of absence earned a title. Their last title 2 years ago was D2CL Season 4 (Dota 2 Champions League)

Will NaVi’s victory in this tournament have a big impact on their performance at The International 2016 ??? We’ll see guys, in about 9 days Goodluck NaVi (y)