Natus Vincere Successfully Holds Team Secret and Ad Finem Draws

Previously, when Alliance got a full time match but did not run smoothly from a total of 3 matches, Alliance only managed to get 1 point when holding Natus Vincere’s draw.

Meanwhile, Natus Vincere, who also got a match schedule that was no less tight, even managed to draw against strong teams such as Ad Finem and Team Secret.

Natus Vincere is not lucky to be able to draw 2 strong teams, they can follow the opponent’s game flow and put up a pretty tight resistance. Several difficult combos that really needed good teamwork were successfully launched, even when he managed to get points against Ad Fine, Natus Vincere won thanks to an extraordinary comeback.

Meanwhile, against Team Secret, it was Natus Vincere who got points in the first game thanks to Dendi who was so good at using Magnus plus Pajkatt who managed to get Rampage.

Seeing their performance last night, it can be said that their solidarity will certainly be a strong force for Natus Vincere.

Natus Vincere will also compete again tonight, facing the Horde (22:00 WIB) and Vega Squadron (00.15 WIB), then finally there is Team Secret vs Cloud 9 (02:45 WIB)

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For the livestream link here, Happy Watching Guys (y)