Natus Vincere tops the PUBG Global Invitational standings

Natus Vincere is back in the spotlight, not because of division issues Dota 2its hot. But from its newest division, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds who just won the CIS regional PUBG Global Invitational (PIG) ​​qualification event.

The PUBG Global Invitational 2018 event in Berlin is a major level event that brings a total of fantastic prizes worth US $ 2,000,000. This event presents qualifications in several regions with a total of 18 slots, among others:

  • European Qualifier (3 slots)
  • North American Qualifier (3)
  • Southeast Asia Qualifier (1)
  • Thailand Qualifier (1)
  • Taiwan Qualifier (1)
  • CIS Qualifier (2)
  • Korean Qualifier (2)
  • Chinese Qualifier (2)
  • Latin America Qualifier (1)
  • Oceanian Qualifier (1)
  • Middle East Qualifier (1)

Natus Vincere received slots together with AVANGAR who took the position runner-up at the CIS regional PIG event. Natus Vincere has a difference 445 points with AVANGAR in second place.

The event that brings prizepool amounting to US $ 100,000 this took place on 21-24 June 2018 at Minsk, Belarus. A total of 16 teams participated in the CIS region to enliven the qualification event.

Na’Vi won the PUBG Global Invitational CIS 2018 event. Source: StarLadder

Several major regional esports organizations, CIS, also struggled like this Vega Squadron, Team Empire, AVANGAR and also Natus Vincere himself. The match went quite according to the expectations of Na’Vi, who was the champion favorite.

Roster Na’Vi does have a lot of experience compared to the players in the CIS regional qualifying event. Just say it iLame_ru, Drainys, pijamaenota, and POKOMOLODOY which had strengthened Grubee before being acquired by Na’Vi.

They dominated together with the AVANGAR team at the top of the standings until the first day. The new Na’Vi is able to secure Chicken Dinner first in round 2, followed by position runner-up continuously on the first day of the qualifying event.

However, the second day became a benchmark for the champions, Na’Vi headed to the top of the standings after failing to dominate on the first day. Drainys is able to appear dominant by occupying top frag kill and became the determining player for Na’Vi’s second Chicken Dinner in the 9th round.

The last day was the stage for Na’Vi and AVANGAR. Even so, AVANGAR failed in several rounds top 10 last man standing. AVANGAR’s victory in the 16th round has not been able to bring its position above the standings.

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This victory came from Na’Vi’s consistent performance in the last 10 teams in each round. AVANGAR tends to be ‘hot late’ and has only shown its best performance in the last 5 rounds. Na’Vi got a total of 6640 points followed by AVANGAR with 6195 points.

Two Chicken Dinners in round 2 and 9 are enough for Na’Vi to secure tickets to Berlin, Germany.

Na’Vi’s series of performances by finishing in the top 5 were also able to generate point by point. The following is the order of the teams and prizes at the PUBG Global Invitational – CIS Qualifier 2018:

1. Natus Vincere – US $ 20,000
2. AVANGAR – US $ 16,000
3. Vega Squadron – US $ 12,000
4. M19 – US $ 8,000

Na’Vi won the PUBG Global Invitational CIS 2018 event. Source: Natus Vincere Website

Na’Vi and AVANGAR will represent the CIS region at the event main event PUBG Global Invitational 2018 at Mercedes-Benz Arena, Berlin, Germany. They will compete with the ranks of 16 representative teams from each region to win prizepool major for US $ 2,000,000.