Natus Vincere’s First Match After TI6, with Dendi as Drafter

After about 2 months of not showing his performance, Natus Vincere finally had the opportunity to appear with a full roster at Qualifier – Dota Pit Season 5, which just took place early this morning.

Qualifier – Dota Pit Season 5 is divided into several Qualifiers, Natus Vincere entered the CIS Regional Qualifier, facing off against 3 other teams, Vega Squadron, Virtus Pro and Team Empire.

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Before Natus Vincere played, the previous match was Virtus Pro vs Vega Squadron, Virtus Pro managed to win 2-0, but Vega Squadron still had a chance in the Lower Bracket. Meanwhile, Natus Vincere, who had to face Team Empire, showed a pretty good performance. And what is unique is that the drafting in this match is Dendi.


The first game, ran quite smoothly for NaVi, almost no obstacles were seen that was so heavy, Ditya Ra with Luna and GeneRaL with Sand King could farm very well.


The second game, a game that is quite tense, the battle between the two teams is quite tight. But there was a slight problem in the game when players from Empire crashed / disconnected, couldn’t log in for a while, but finally they could and the game continued. Natus Vincere made a comeback and held the position of Networh, but Empire managed to overcome it and forced NaVi to continue fighting into Game 3.


The third game, Natus Vincere, showed his solidarity again, even though there was a slight mistake in the early game where Artstyle was too eager to get a kill to let Team Empire get First Blood. Dendi’s performance with Kunkaa in the midlane is quite stable he can face ALOHADANCE with Mirana in the midlane. Dendi also had a very big impact when gang after gang was launched. GeneRaL is equally good at playing Sand King. The game ends after Natus Vincere gets the Mega Creep, and he calls Team Empire. Natus Vincere won with a score of 2-1.


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With this victory, Natus Vincere will face Virtus Pro to compete for the Final CIS Qualifier slot – Dota Pit Season 5. We don’t know when the schedule is, so just stay tuned on the RevivaL TV Fanpage.