Na’Vi and Liquid also grabbed a place in the Playoffs – ESL One Frankfurt

Wow, these two teams have shown amazing performances at Groupstage – ESL One Frankfurt, Liquid which, despite Fata’s condition – doesn’t seem to be really good yet, but its performance still deserves thumbs up. Meanwhile, Navi, whose last match was full of surprises.

The two teams above managed to get the Playoffs slot after defeating their opponents in Elimination Match ~

Navi’s First Match against Virtus Pro, the first game, Navi made a comeback thanks to the help of Artstyle – Ancient Apparation who played very well, coupled with Yolo’s fail without ravage from VP. The second game, this time it was VP’s turn to reverse the comeback, ALOHADANCE – Slark was very difficult for Navi to knock down. The third game, a quite fierce match, when Navi took the lead and pushed, it turned out that G – Magnus had a Refresher and managed to double rp well, breathing a little with relief. But apparently that was not enough to face Navi’s final push. Navi managed to win with a score of 2-1 ~

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Advancing to the Lower Bracket Final, this time Navi faced with compLexity, the first game which was quite fierce until Midgame, the situation sided with Navi when he won the big clash and Teamwipe. coL tried to push when he managed to beat Navi back when he pushed on the toplane, but ended up in a bad position so that when they pulled back one by one they were knocked down. Meanwhile in Game 2 – very different from previous games, Navi regained his best performance, SoNNeikO returned with his Sand King, even in 20 minutes Navi had already got 23 kills.

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Meanwhile, Liquid itself won the playoff slot with perfect wins in 2 games. Beat Fnatic and Alliance 2-0.

Their first match against Fnatic, it was quite fierce in the first game, Fnatic played quite well and got kills, as well as with Liquid. But Fnatic couldn’t stop his farming Fata-Alchemist, plus he got an Ultra Kill which made their net worth difference even further. The second game, Fnatic quite dominated the early game, Liquid comeback and mengahikirnya with the perfect Chrono from MinD_ContRoL who got 5 opponents.

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Next in the Lower Bracket Final, Liquid faced Alliance. The first game was quite even until mid game, but after getting Teamwipe at the beginning of the Late Game, Liquid took the lead. Alliance continues to survive, and culminates in Rat’s attempt but failed. While in game 2, Liquid dominates the game more. But the eyes of the audience mostly to Alliance who played very beautifully with several comebacks when they were gank. Alliance really can’t do much against Push Liquid, Without the presence of s4 – Brewmaster who died 2x (already buyback).

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In this way, where are the 4 teams that fill the Playoffs – ESL One Frankfurt

  • Vega Squadron (fn, No[o]ne, Mag ~, Solo, CemaTheSlayer)
  • OG (Miracle-, n0tail, Moonmeander, Cr1t, Fly)
  • Team Liquid (MATUMBAMAN, Fata-, MinD_ContRoL, JerAx, KuroKy)
  • Natus Vincere (Ditya Ra, Dendi, GeneRaL, SoNNeikO, Artstyle)

Meanwhile, the other 4 teams lost the prize ~

  • 7-8 Big – Fnatic – $ 6,236
  • 7-8 Big – Virtus Pro – $ 6,236
  • 5-6 Big – Alliance – $ 12,472
  • 5-6 Large – compLexity – $ 12,472

Bracket and Schedule for Playoffs – ESL One Frankfurt 2016

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With the Single Elemination Format, it means there is no lower bracket, here is the schedule, guys ~

Sunday, 19 June 2016

15:30 WIB ~ OG vs Team Liquid – BO3

18:45 WIB ~ Vega Squadron vs Natus Vincere – BO3


22:45 WIB ~ Winner (Vega / Navi) vs Winner (OG / Liquid) – BO5

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