Na’Vi Fall from Secret, Playoffs Bracket Has Come Out!

The first minor, namely the Starlader i-League Invitational, started on 12 October. For 3 consecutive days, a total of eight battled in the Groupstage round for the Playoffs round spot. And it seems that yesterday’s match was the last match for the Groupstage round, so we can automatically see who has lost and who is eligible to advance to the Playoffs.

The results of the third day yesterday were quite surprising, based on the schedule of the last match, it started 2 hours earlier than usual. How come? because all the matches that day finished 2-0 in a fairly fast period of time.

On the first match of the third day, Vici Gaming looked quite overwhelmed and lost 2-0 against Mineski. Indeed, Mineski also cannot be underestimated, their roster has legendary players whose experience is unquestionable.

Entering the second match, Newbee as Runner Up The International 2017, appeared quite disappointing. Newbee lost 2-0 to Team Secret.

The third match brought together SG e-sports and Mineski, these two teams both managed to beat Vici Gaming in the previous match. However, Mineski looked more dominant, starting from the first game with the meta iceiceice – Winter Wyvern then Vengeful Spirit – Mushi running quite smoothly.

This last match was what the audience was waiting for the most. Reuniting the lovebirds duo Natus Vincere and Team Secret. The game was running quite fiercely, but Secret minimized the possible miss-and-miss compared to Na’Vi so they managed to get the best momentum to win.

With these results, the 4 teams that will compete in the playoffs are:

  • Team Liquid : (MATUMBAMAN, Miracle-, Mind_ContRoL, GH, KuroKy) Coach: Heen
  • compLexity : (Chessie, Limmp, Moo, Zfreek, Melonzz)
  • Mineski : (NaNa, Mushi, iceiceice, Jabz, ninjaboogie) Coach: Kenchi
  • Team Secret : (Ace, MidOne, Fata, YapzOr, Puppey) Coach: SunBhie
source, twitter @dotasltv

They will fight back tomorrow, you can check the schedule in our previous article here. Happy Watching ?