NBA Now, the Official NBA Licensed Game Comes to iOS and Android

Currently, many mobile games for the NBA series have appeared on the Android and iOS platforms. One of the popular Mobile basketball games is NBA 2K Mobile. However, there is one more basketball game for smartphones that you must try

Maybe none of you know yet, that GAMEVIL recently released a new basketball game called NBA Now Mobile Basketball Game.

Interestingly, the newest basketball game has the description ‘Officially Licensed NBA Game’ which is listed on the Google Play Store and App Store.

This one game is intended for those of you who have a small screen smartphone, because it is played with a portrait screen orientation.

You can download this basketball game directly for free on the store of your smartphone, and you can also buy in-game items using real money or what we are familiar with in micro-transactions.

NBA Now 1
Images: Engadget

In this game, you will act as a manager who arranges various strategies in order to win the basketball league.

As we said before, this game is intended for small screen users, so you can play it with just one hand. Also, the interface used by Gae is perfect for all ages.

Because this basketball game is an official game in collaboration with the NBA, in this game you will also get the latest information updates on the basketball game that is currently being held. In fact, the player statistics will be updated in real-time to suit the current situation