NBA Rumors: Knicks Open To Trade Julius Randle

As the Brooklyn Nets continued their search for a third superstar, the Knicks were still trying to find a one-man, one-man hunt for them. RJ Barrett has had some very good performances in his rookie season, but there’s no indication he is worthy of being called the icon of the future of the franchise. That is why, according to a new report by Marc Berman from New York Post that the New York Knicks could consider or be open to trading their young Big Man, Julius Randle.

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No doubt the Knicks are open to that. His $ 18.9 million contract for next season is manageable but the downside is that he will at least lose $ 4 million in the 2021 cap if they don’t exercise his team’s options after next season.

Free Agency class 2021 is a free agency that can be said to be very good, because there are so many superstar players. Randle had a double-double force and was still in his prime.

But Randle’s defense was below average and it was reported here that his dribbling skills were too much to the point of frustrating some of his teammates, including RJ Barrett. And the bigger disappointment was Randle losing (27.7%) from the 3-point line. As David Fizdale recently noted, the Knicks can use a 3-point shooting stretch of 4, says Kristaps Porzingis.

Needless to say, the Knicks can’t expect too highly of Julius Randle. Having struck a deal on a three-year contract worth $ 63 million last summer, the hope is that he will develop into a quality Big Man.

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While his offensive play is decidedly versatile, he lacks the shooting strokes of the arc and continues to be a defensive obligation. If the Knicks can tarden it with a decent return they’ll definitely consider it. He averaged 19.5 points, 9.7 rebounds and 3.1 assists per game this season.

Which team needs Julius Randle? And who can the Knicks get from these Randle trades, spinners ??