New Division! Mousesports Officially Announces Roster for Rainbow Six: Siege

Through the title Rainbow Six: Pro League which is currently running, unexpectedly one of the big esports organizations from Germany will also participate in the competition Rainbow Six: Siege.

Team mousesports formally formed a division games made Ubisoft on Tuesday (20/3/2018) via their official website.

The esports organization from Germany has awarded contracts for former team players Bird University, who last season played under the team flag 1nFamy.

They have taken part in events Rainbow Six: Pro League Finals in Brazil despite being eliminated at Pro League First Round after being defeated by the champion, the team Black Dragons e-Sports.

Black Dragons e-Sports which won Rainbow Six: Pro League First Round. Source: Ubisoft

Julian “Morxzas” Miculcy who had been the coach of Polish Invicta Gaming, will lead the Red Mice squad as the division’s main coach Rainbow Six: Siege. mousesports itself this time has a new arrangement rooster full United States in the history of esports.

Here’s the arrangement rooster Rainbow Six: Siege mousesports:

  • Jared “Beastly” Medeiros
  • Scott “Neptunez” Webber
  • Joshua “VNDL” Diaz
  • Mark “marK” Arismendez
  • Franklyn “VertcL” Andres Cordero

Cengiz Tüylü, CEO of mousesports, see this as a good momentum for the emergence of the division Rainbow Six: Siege. He said, “Tactical shooter is one part of our DNA and games Rainbow Six so perfect for brand we. Game it has a depth of strategy. I am very confident that mousesports fans will be delighted with Rainbow Six: Pro League and rooster our newest.

With Ubisoft’s support and many new teams joining the community Rainbow Six, games This is considered capable of shining in 2018. The Six Invitational Tournament in February and the large number of enthusiasts looks quite promising and we are very much ready to start the competition. “

Cengiz Tüylü, CEO of mousesports, Source: ESL

They will play on the title Rainbow Six: Pro League with other big teams like PENTA Sports, SK Gaming, G2 Esports and many more, “I’m really excited for the future with mousesports!

Becomes rooster full The first North American team in history was able to fully support developing the name of the organization and on our own as individuals. Can’t wait to start winning under the banner of mousesports. ” said Joshua “VNDL” Diaz.

Joshua “VNDL” Diaz. Source: mousesports Twitter

However, their debut was tarnished by a 2-0 defeat against rooster SK Gaming on the event North American Pro League, but a bad start does not determine the outcome.

Asa to win titles Rainbow Six: Pro League Second Round still wide open, you can watch the Red Mice fleet and other teams compete in the tournament via the related Twitch link.

Edited by Jabez Elijah