New Hero – Argus, the Fighter with his Blazing Sword!

In recent weeks, Mobile Legends has been intensively releasing various kinds hero new. The recently released Hero is Grock and Irithel which is Tank and Marksman.

Now, another new hero has arrived Land of Dawn. You must be wondering whose name and what roll it is. Let’s just take a peek at the picture below.

Yes, he is Argus, Spirit of the Night. This Argus is a Fighter which has characteristics 2 burst damage. Argus has a flaming green sword and also has a manly appearance. You can have this hero with 419 Diamonds (original price 599 Diamonds) or 32000 Battle Points. Judging from his background, it looks like this hero has something to do with Rafaela!

Argus and Rafaela are heavenly angels who descended on the land of dawn simultaneously. One has the responsibility to eradicate evil, and the other to eradicate suffering. As Argus went through countless battles, he became obsessed with the pursuit of power. Sometime in battle he heard the cry of an ancient creature, Argus lost control of his ambitions and became corrupted. He was able to break the ancient seal to summon a fiery evil sword. By sacrificing his life for the sword, it gained more power. Now Argus wanders the world, seeking conflict and war so that he can consume more lives with his sword.

So that’s the background of Argus. Now take a look skills of this hero.

Skill Set:

Warmonger (Passive Skill)

Being hit or giving damage will fill the charge on the evil sword (the lower Argus’ HP, the faster the sword is filled), when Argus is fully charged the next basic attack will become two basic attacks that are fast, and will give greater damage if Argus’s HP Getting lower.

This passive skill is very useful when 1 v 1 and moreover combined with items Lifesteal, when our HP is low we can fight enemies with higher HP.

Demonic Grip (Skill 1)

Cooldown: 12.5 seconds
Sends an evil hand towards the target. The enemy will be exposed to 175 points of damage and Argus will pull himself towards the enemy, and for a short time a charge attack will be activated, giving 125 points of physical damage. If there are no enemies targeted, Argus will be drawn towards the direction of release.

This is similar to the skill Franco, the difference is that Argus pulls himself and advances towards his enemy and this ‘evil hand’ distance is not as long as Franco’s hook. This skill can also be used to escape from enemies, because if we aim at the wall, we can run away to the wall, like the skill. Fanny.

Meteoric Sword (Skill 2)

Cooldown: 10.0 seconds
After charging for a short time, Argus will attack his enemy with his evil sword, giving 400 physical damage points, causing a bloody effect for 5 seconds. Enemies affected by the bloody effect will leave a trail of blood that can make Argus follow him for a faster movement speed.
This skill is burst damage which makes it easier for us to kill the enemy, because the damage given is quite high.

Eternal Evil (Ultimate Skill)

Cooldown: 60.0 seconds
Turning into a fallen angel, 5 seconds of immunity (cannot be attacked) from death, 20% of the percentage of damage received during the skill duration will be converted to Argus’s HP pool.
This skill is actually very suitable for use when our HP is low, because as long as this skill is active the damage we can convert into HP.

Along with the release of this hero, Mobile Legends also released its skin! Argus’s first skin is called Light of Dawn, which you can have with 269 ​​Diamonds.

How are you friends, are you interested in buying this hero? Greetings from Mobile Legends ~