New Major New Trophy, Virtus Pro Successfully Wins Kuala Lumpur Major 2018!

New season, new major titles and new trophies! Yup, is back at the forefront by securing its first major title in the 18/19 DPC season on the stage of the 2018 Kuala Lumpur Major.

The Kuala Lumpur Major 2018 is the first official levle major event made by Valve. Previously, they had brought a minor title in the DreamLeague Season 10 event in Stockholm, Sweden which was won by Tigers.

Source: PGL – Kuala Lumpur Major 2018

Then, became the second official champion after Tigers during a series of official events from Valve.

The team bearing the polar bear logo is not without a struggle, they are arguably the hardest to fight.

Source: PGL – Kuala Lumpur Major 2018

The Polar Bear Fleet appeared in the grand final against Team Secret after an uphill battle through lower bracket.

Even the team was defeated by Team Secret with a score of 2-1, but managed to get their revenge 3-2 in the top party.

Brief Recap of the Kuala Lumpur Major 2018 Final

Source: PGL – Kuala Lumpur Major 2018

In this match the top 2 teams are the 2 teams that can be said to be the regular champions. How come? is arguably the ‘skipper’ in the major trophy level, they even won 3 major champions in the last DPC season.

The first match belongs to after an unusual impression. MidOne appeared surprising by using Shadow Shaman in the midlane position.

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Then, the match apparently belonged to by doing lock for the sake of lock hero through the share of Brewmaster and Storm Spirit, 1-0 for VP.

But the surprise came from the Team Secret camp. The team led by Puppey brought amazing results. The reason is, they successfully pocketed 2 wins at once.

Source: PGL – Kuala Lumpur Major 2018

The second match comes when Nisha uses her flagship hero, Arc Warden. Plus Broodmother from MidOne who easily erased resistance from

Unlike before, the third match this time became the stage for the Phantom Lancer. Again, Nisha became the figure of Team Secret’s success with a score of 2-1.

But it is not final if there is no fierce resistance. And sure enough, refused to give Team Secret the final point with the full game spell from the Shadow Shaman and Lion.

In fact, the last match between the two teams belonged to Even though Nisha returns to using the Phantom Lancer, the initiation of Tiny and Magnus breaks the pattern of Team Secret’s play. itself successfully won with a score of 3-2 against Team Secret. Being the first trophy of the polar bear fleet, in fact VP is still proving strong with the composition rooster the same one.

Source: PGL – Kuala Lumpur Major 2018

The following is the distribution of prize portions, DPC points and the top 4 standings in the Kuala Lumpur Major 2018:

1. – US $ 350,000 + 4,950 DPC
2. Team Secret – US $ 170,000 + 3,000 DPC
3. Evil Geniuses – US $ 100,000 + 2,100 DPC
4. Ninjas in Pajamas – US $ 80,000 + 1,350 DPC

kuala lumpur major 2018
Source: PGL – Kuala Lumpur Major 2018

VP’s victory over Team Secret also ended Valve’s first official major match. With the announcement of the Chongqing Major and the Stockholm Major, of course there are many other interesting stories.