New Roster Genflix Aerowolf, Rave Join? | SPIN

The break of the current pro scene of Mobile Legends Indonesia has prompted the entire team to make a major overhaul of their squad to welcome the upcoming MPL ID Season 6. Major changes or changes include removing players, as well as adding new players. As was done by Genflix Aerowolf, by bringing in Rave as a former RRQ player.

Previously, Rave himself was a former RRQ player who had defended the team for 2 seasons. Imported from the king’s team at the beginning of the MPL ID Season 4, he appeared perfectly at the beginning of his career with the RRQ team. The climax was when Rave successfully presented the runner-up title for the MPL ID Season 4 and M1 World Championship 2019.

But after that, in the fifth MPL Season, Rave somehow left the RRQ team’s main squad and played for the second squad of the king team named RRQ Sena. Together with the second squad, the RRQ Rave team failed to show their best performance so they had to fail miserably in this first MDL ID Season while making him have to part with the RRQ team some time ago.

source: Ggwp

But that was not the end of everything, because it was immediately rumored that Rave would join the Genflix Aerowolf team not long after. And sure enough, his name and a photo of him were listed in the Genflix Aerowolf squad at a tournament Mobile Legends large enough.

However, his presence will not necessarily be a permanent Genflix Aerowolf player until MPL ID Season 6 begins. It could be that he is doing a trial with the team which is already familiar to himself. Why is that because Rave is a former player from Genflix Aerowolf in MPL ID Season 1 and 2 some time ago, he is also one of the players who successfully presented the MPL title to Aerowolf in last season.

How do you respond spinners, will Rave really defend Genflix Aerowolf in the sixth season? Given his ability, he still deserves to be in the highest pro scene in Mobile Legends! Don’t forget to keep visiting website us, to get the latest eSports news!