New Sponsor Again, This Time Lenovo Collaborates with EVOS Esports

Yesterday’s news was still hot with his joining Traveloka in the realm of local esports, EVOS has successfully collaborated with one of the major online airline ticket and hotel booking service providers. And now comes another sponsor for EVOS, LENOVO.

The launch event as well as the inauguration of EVOS as an Ambassador at a club in Jakarta

Through EVOS ‘official fanpage posting, they announced their new partner, Lenovo. This also makes EVOS the official brand ambassador of Lenovo, you know, it looks like we will be able to see the faces of EVOS players on the promotion of Lenovo gaming laptops in the future.

You can also see the eagerness of EVOS that is getting excited about achieving their goals. and at the same time advancing the eSports scene in Indonesia. Goodluck EVOS (y)