Newbee and Team NP Take the Semifinal Zotac Cup Masters Slot

Yesterday was the day when the Main Event of the Zotac Cup Masters started, the LAN event in Taipei, Taiwan went quite lively and the interim results were still in line with expectations.

Both Newbee and Team NP, both of them showed their best performance as the team that got the slot from Direct Invite. They won a landslide at Groupstage and both teams also advanced to the Semifinals – Playoffs.

Meanwhile iG.Vitality, Digital Chaos, Fnatic and Danish Bears who managed to secure 2nd and 3rd positions still have a chance to advance to the Quarterfinals. But for WG.Unity and also Team Singularity who got the fewest points in the group, they have to leave the Zotac Cup Masters.

The first match of the playoffs will bring together Fnatic vs Digital Chaos which will start tomorrow, June 1 2017 at 08:45 WIB in the morning. You can watch it on the official English Stream here.