Newbee.Boss Announces Roster for Kiev Major

Different fate with the main team Newbee, which previously had a direct invite slot for the Kiev Major. Newbee.Boss didn’t even get a qualifying slot, but it didn’t seem like it would fade their spirits.

Newbe.Boss does not get a regional qualifier slot

Newbee.Boss just announced a change to their roster and it looks like with this new roster they look like they really intend to take a slot Kiev Major.

Here’s a new roster from Newbee.Boss :

  • Zhang “xiao8Ning
  • Luo “Ferrari_430“Feichi
  • Ren “old eLeVeNYangwei
  • Wong “Chuan“Hock Chuan
  • Wang “Zei9Yue
  • Bi “AxxXia (Subs)
Image Source, newbee fanpage

old eLeVeN join the roster Newbee.Boss replace position Axx which is now in reserve status. A pretty promising roster for sure, though it’s a shame Axx instead it comes down to being a backup.
Image Source, wykrhm reddy

Newbee.Boss and other Chinese teams will start their Open Qualifier round on March 6-9 2017. Goodluck Newbee.Boss ~