Next week, Fortnite will add a respawn feature

A new feature will be added by Epic Games to their game, Fortnite. Named Reboot Van, this feature will allow us to turn dead colleagues into the game. More or less like Apex Legends.

Next week’s patch will be the patch where this feature will be applied later. Later, every player who has died in the game will issue a named drop item reboot card or card reboot. This card can later be used in Reboot Van to bring our comrades to life.

Unlike Apex Legends, Reboot Van can turn on all colleagues in the squad at once. However, our comrades will be brought to life one by one.

Not only that, during the comrades’ livelihood process, the enemy can see us rebooting and how many comrades we are turning on.

After the partner is turned on, our partner will return without the loot they had before. This means that our colleagues have to find more loot. After that, Reboot Van cannot be used again for a certain period of time.

However, it seems that many players want Epic Games to return updates to the previous patch rather than adding new features that seem to be plagiarism.

Well, the decision remains in the hands of Epic Games and of course the decision must be based on the consideration of those who are trying to make their game interesting.