Nicecactus Prepares Over 15 Billion for the Amateur Gamers Funding Program!

One of competitive gaming platform named Nicecactus recently received Series A funding of IDR 78 billion from several private investors.

The disbursement of funds will be used to enrich the products the company offers, namely finding the best talent in the United States and Europe, then developing the company.

Not only that, Nicecactus has also prepared funds of US $ 1.1 million or around Rp.15.4 billion for the Nicecactus Grassroots Esports Funds.

Nicecactus Grassroots Esports Funds is a fund prepared to help amateur and semi-professional esports players to improve their performance so that they can have their own sponsors later.

Nicecactus 1
Images: Esports Insider

These funds are the same as scholarships, where recipients can use the funds to pay for their travel and accommodation when competing in esports tournaments.

Then, the funds can also be used by the recipient to participate in boot camp to hone skill them when playing.

Nic van’t Schip, as Marketing Director of Nicecactus, said that the funds provided were not in the form of loans that must be returned by esports athletes later. This fund is in the form of sponsorship, so the recipient does not have to worry about returning the money.

Before they determine the recipient of the funds, they will first review the proposal submitted by the applicants.

They will provide funds to players who are considered potential and have consistent performance in the game training program that they will release.

Editor: Yubian Asfar