No Major? Whatever, Galaxy Battles Issues Main Event Bracket!

Behind something as big as a tournament there must be great support behind it too, and when that big support retreats it is likely that the tournament will become unstable. Similar to what happened for Galaxy Battles, gaining status as one of the biggest hype tournament for the beginning of 2018, suddenly disappeared when support from Valve was withdrawn along with the Major status of the tournament.

As a result, so many teams decided to withdraw from the Galaxy Battles tournament, starting from strong teams that got invites, even teams that struggled through the qualifying rounds. However, the Galaxy Battles are adamant that they will carry out the tournament without the slightest delay from the date they previously confirmed. Tujuh-tim-telah-mengundurkan-diri-namun-og-malah-memberikan-kejutan/

Recently, Galaxy Battles reaffirmed this by bringing up the Main Event Bracket which also showed which teams were still standing for the prize of $ 500,000.

It’s a shame that other recent information is that Team Empire from successfully qualifying for the Wildcard round has resigned, so now there are only two teams left, one of which is the Indonesian team, namely PondokGaming.BarracX.

If there are no changes, then it is certain that PG. BarracX only needs one win to get a spot to the Main Event. Unfortunately there is no jan exact date, but it is likely they will play before January 19th as the start date for the Main Event.