No More Regional Gold?

Once discussed in one of RevivalTV’s articles, the division of slots for major and minor tournaments is still a mystery.

It is unclear about the reasons why in every major tournament, regional Europe, North America, and China always get 3 slots, while the CIS region, Latin America, and Southeast Asia only get 2 slots.

And recently Valve has also intervened regarding the division of slots for the upcoming major tournament, namely the EPICENTER Major 2019.

epicenter major slot

The last major tournament was announced in March 2019. One of Valve’s official major events will be held on June 22-30 2019.

Prior to the revision, the following were the allocations for the division of slots for regions, including:

  • Europe: 3
  • CIS: 3
  • China: 3
  • Southeast Asia: 2
  • North America: 2
  • Latin America: 2
  • Minor Winner: 1

The slot division is almost the same as the previous majors, only different in the CIS region which gets 3 slots and NA only gets 2 slots.

epicenter major slot
Source: Esports Insider

Valve has changed the slot division for the European, Chinese and CIS regions which initially got 3 slots into 2 slots.

According to EPICENTER, this is due to “uncertainty in the distribution of regional slots” and is something that the developer has communicated with Dota 2, namely Valve.

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Valve will also be responsible for distributing the three slots that are now empty. Is it now the turn for Southeast Asia and Latin America to get 3 slots for major tournaments?

Given that these 2 regions have never received 3 slots for the main qualifications in their regions.

If Southeast Asia gets 3 slots, of course the Indonesian team’s chance to advance to the major will be even greater.

Editor: Yubian Asfar