No Need 5 Star Players Because Too Glare

For those of you who continue to follow the development of AoV in Indonesia, who doesn’t know EVOS? They recently made substitutions after the Arena of Valor World Cup (AWC 2018). Who are the new players?

Even on the fanpage EVOS does not explain the players who left, but the public already knows who left. This confirmation is known when the players make an announcement via their personal account.

Randy “CL Shimane who is also the captain of EVOS Esports be the first player to notify leaving the team. Followed by Muhammad “Ahmad“And Muhamad Mustain”Mumuy“Al Maruf who also provided confirmation through their personal accounts.

But it didn’t take long for the team bearing the white tiger logo to find its new player. They finally put Henri in. “Carraway“Teja, who previously coached the EVOS team and the AOV Indonesian national team for the 2018 Asian Games. He also previously served as a stand-in when EVOS participated in the 2018 AWC and held an observer position.

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Mythr when with GGWP.ID won IGX 2018
Source: GGWP.ID

In addition, they also recruited Hartanto “Pokka“Who was previously a player on E-Sports Brother. Previously he filled the Abbysal Laner position in the team. Lastly, Sultandyo “Mythr“The previous achievement was a player GGWP.ID. He has achieved various achievements while on the team, such as the runner-up for ASL 2018 and becoming the 2018 IGX champion.

Source: EVOS Esports

The following is the current EVOS Esports AOV roster:

  • Knight “Entrepreneur“Adi Wiratama
  • Farhan “Hanss“Akbari Ardiansyah
  • Henri “Carraway“Teja
  • Hartanto “Pokka
  • Sultandyo “Mythr“Achievement

Pokka admitted that he was lucky to be part of the family EVOS. “Because after from SES there has been no offer from anywhere So surprised too time EVOS have interest “he said. He hopes to help EVOS help maintain the titles that are fairly numerous. “Hopefully this can prove for myself to be able to show the best performance and appearance,” he said.

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While Mythr admitted that he was happy to be able to join EVOS. “The hope is that we can reach the international level as well as maintain national achievements,” he said.

evos esports at awc 2018
Documentation: EVOS Esports

Carraway admitted his decision to become a player because he was entrusted by his teammates. Not only that, he will become the captain of this latest roster. Apart from that he also commented on his entry Mythr and Pokka. “These two players are people who study hard, sometimes we don’t need 5 star players because everyone will shine brightly,” he said.

Opinions of Esports Fighters on the Division of the 2018 Asian Games Esports Group

“Our vision and mission is to create a transparent, anti-drama, and fun team in games and outside. Initially we recruited players because Hanss felt that the team was not healthy which involved the mentality of our youngest players Entrepreneur. Because the previous condition of the team was not healthy, substitutions were made, ”added Carraway.

Before ending the interview, Carraway convey a message to EVOS fans. “Thanks fans EVOS which has been supportive all this time. Trust me, it’s really hard for us to let go but we will make a more solid comeback, ”he said. Will EVOS ‘newest roster be able to return to be the champion of ASL Season 2? Let’s wait and see.

Edited by Jabez Elijah