NoPangolier Stops Na’Vi’s Slick Performance on Maincast Autumn Brawl!

Maincast Autumn Brawl has been the center of attention in recent days after bringing in top teams Dota 2. Apart from that, a fight between Dendi against Na’Vi was a special treat, even though in the end Team Secret lost.

navi vs secret team
Source: Maincast

However, it turned out that Na’Vi, who played well in the last few matches, was forced to surrender by one of the other CIS regional teams. Being the only ‘small’ team that appeared until the semifinals, and successfully advanced to the final.

In this case, Na’Vi was overwhelmed by the game draft from NoPangolier lead by Slayer. Then, this will be Na’Vi’s last stage before focusing on DreamLeague Season 10 in Stockholm, Sweden.

nopango vs navi maincast
Source: Maincast

For those of you who missed the Na’Vi match against NoPangolier too VP against NiP, let’s see together. In the Maincast event, the last 4 teams fought each other to get tickets to the final match.

In this case Na’Vi was able to take the lead after the beautiful game against Team Lithium and Team Secret. Thanks to their slick play they were able to be favorites, but it turned out that NoPangolier contained the former rooster Odium too Empire look good.

Source: Maincast

The reason is, NoPangolier ended the Na’Vi resistance with a score of 2-1. The first match belongs Ghostik and comrades after Drow Ranger from Crystallize unable to provide damage sufficient.

On the other hand, the second match belongs to Na’Vi and the two teams immediately equalized. However, Na’Vi’s initiations and movements have not been able to secure the final ticket. The reason is, the game early Na’Vi games haven’t been able to make an effect snowball, and Naive- appear mighty with The terrorblade.

What about and Ninjas in Pajamas? They both appeared determined to advance to the final round. Score 2-1 was able to be secured by after No.[o]ne- locks the movement of the NiP core hero.

Source: Maincast

Even though they had equalized the scores, Ninjas in Pajamas was still unable to stem the resistance from the 2017/18 DPC leader. With this result, will advance to the next round against NoPangolier.

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Implicitly, this final party emphasized that the CIS team was still able to appear mighty amidst the changes rooster. and NoPangolier will compete at 10 pm WIB today (14/10/18).

Source: Maincast

The winner of the Maincast Autumn Brawl will get the biggest prize, which is a number US $ 50,000. Of course, this prize is not more than just entertainment, especially with a team at the level of who often become champions.

For those of you who want to watch the Autumn Brawlm Maincast final match, you can watch it live via the Twitch Maincast channel here.