Not succeeding in winning the APAC Finals, Recca qualified for the WESG World Finals!

Recca Esports reportedly made it to the main tournament from WESG, namely the WESG World Finals after they won the BO3 match against Choosen5 from Jordan.

On the first day, Recca Esports managed to get 3 wins from 4 matches against EMC (16-10), Mineski (16-14), UTM (16-2), and MAX (11-16).

In their first map on the second day, Recca against Choosen5 in Best Of 3 on the Cache, Cobblestone, and Mirage maps as a determinant. You can re-watch the match here and here.

The first map in the match belonged to Recca after going through a fierce match, with score half 8: 7, and forward to overtime on second half. But Choosen5 can’t keep up with Recca during overtime by not getting any points. Roseau became the MVP of the match with a rating of 1.30,

The Cobblestone map as the second map went well for Recca because Cobble was one of the best maps for Recca. Recca is able to close first half with a score of 11-4 and closed the second map with 16-5. Again, Roseau became Ma Of The Match with a rating of 1.97, followed by Sys with a rating of 1.71.

This match is the most important match for this Indonesian camp. With Recca winning, they are entitled to advance to WESG World Finals in March.

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At first glance, the WESG World Finals is a tournament made by Alisports, a subsidiary of Alibaba Group, China’s largest e-commerce company. The company made by Jack Ma has entered esports since last year, and they have also invested 150 billion US dollars in esports or around 1.9 Trillion Rupiah!

The company made by Jack Ma will seriously enter the realm of esports with a large investment

The WESG World Finals 2017 alone brings a total prize pool of $ 1,500,000 or thereabouts 20 billion Rupiah, and was followed by the world’s great teams, such as fnatic, EnVyUs, GODSENT, and BIG. Even so, Recca Esports’ steps must stop at the WESG APAC Qualifier after being defeated by BOOT.dS from Singapore.

They must admit the BOOT.dS victory with a narrow score, namely Mirage (16-10), Nuke (15-19), and Train (14-16). Even though Recca has left the WESG APAC Qualifier, the team made by Suhadi Wijaya has got their main goal, namely advancing to the WESG World Finals, to represent Indonesia in the world arena.

Let’s pray that Recca Esports can make Indonesia proud on the world stage in March!

Edited by Jabez Elijah