NVIDIA Officially Becomes a Sponsor for EVOS Esports

Again, word came from EVOS Esport. Today the RevivaL TV editorial team got the news that they got a new sponsor and it came from one of the technology companies, NVIDIA.

Indeed, this news is not too surprising, especially considering that they had written about Go-Jek and NVIDIA in their post when they beat MVP Phoenix some time ago on their Instagram account.

EVOS itself is a team from Indonesia that gets direct support from foreign investors. And here are the official statements of three important people behind this collaboration.

NVIDIA aims to expand eSports in Indonesia. EVOS ‘participation in the Tournament Gext shows that they are serious about their career and achievement in the world of eSports, not only in the national realm but also internationally. After a deeper discussion, we see that NVIDIA and EVOS have the same vision, which is to take Indonesian eSports to a higher level. With this cooperation we hope to provide positive influence for gamers in Indonesia who want to follow in the footsteps of a professional eSports career in Indonesia.
Petty Kusnandar, as NVIDIA Indonesia’s Channel Marketing

The development of eSports from within the country provides positive synergy from various things, especially from cooperation between brands and domestic eSports organizations. EVOS catalyzed the movement of domestic eSports organizations through other very interesting searches. With the collaboration between EVOS and NVIDIA, it encourages various Indonesian eSports organizations to continue to excel so that other parties are also increasingly eyeing the great potential that is owned, seen both in terms of achievements and activities to support strategic steps for partners. Keep working and achieving, EVOS!
Andrew Tobias, Community Manager of NVIDIA Indonesia and an eSports enthusiast

We are very humbled and happy that a big company like Nvidia have come in to support the local dota 2 esports scene. With this sponsorship, we hope that we can further improve the local scene and finally put Indonesia on the map of the global esports stage
Ivan Yeo, Founder of EVOS Esports

With this agreement, of course, we hope that eSports in Indonesia will be more advanced. And of course, it will be able to generate a positive atmosphere that will increasingly make the DOTA 2 scene competition map in Indonesia even more excited and stretched in a better direction.

Come on, check out this cool GEXT promotional video made by Nvidia eSports:

Current EVOS Esports roster:

  • Adit “Aville” Rosenda (Offlaner)
  • Nicholas “Eden” Thie (Support)
  • Indra “Vlaicuu” Utama (Support)
  • Bruce “iLlogic” Ervandi (Carry)
  • Nicolas “Francoeur“Batara Sijabat (Midlaner)