Official! Drag “drag” Celik Announce Departure from Cloud9

The transfer market for professional players CS: GO indeed in the heat of the day. After all rooster SK Gaming which was acquired by Immortals under the name Made in Brazil (MIBR), this time Cloud9 parted ways with one of the players.

The player is Drag “Pull“Celik is officially announcing his farewell with the Cloud9 team. Reporting from the official Cloud9 page, pull will leave the division player bench CS: GO, although Cloud9 has yet to announce a substitute figure.

There has been no news regarding the destination of the next withdrawal, however, the player was rumored to be joining Made in Brazil (MIBR) following the issue of the departure of Bolt and Coldzera from the new team.

Tarik also commented on his departure, “Cloud9 is making America strong again, and it’s an honor for my career journey. My memories in Cloud9 will always be memorable and I will always remember you.

Thank you for the endless support from Cloud9 fans, together we make history. ” Close the player.

Pull “pull” Celik. Source: DreamHack

His departure further heated up the issue of the arrival of attraction as a replacement for Ricardo “boltz“Prass, while Maikhil”GoldenSelim is projected to fill the void in the bench for players who have been left behind.

Maikhil “Golden” Selim.

Golden himself is a former in-game leader from the Fnatic team, and it is possible that Cloud9 will use his services while at the ELEAGUE CS: GO Premier event which will take place on 21-29 July 2018.

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The departure of the attraction also at the same time extends Martin’s trial period “STYKO“Styk who came as a substitute for FNS. STYKO themselves played with ESL One Cologne last week, but they had to be eliminated early in the group stage.

styko cloud9
Martin “STYKO” Styk stands out for Cloud9. Source: mousesports

Tarik had won the event ELEAGUE Major: Boston 2018 in January 2018 together with his teammates, RUSH, Stewie2k, Skadoodle and autimatic. But gradually Cloud9 showed an unsatisfactory game.

Cloud9 wins ELEAGUE Major: Boston 2019. Source: ELEAGUE

The reason is, Cloud9 has let go of Stewie2k, Skadoodle which was vacuumed until the arrival of the less successful FNS. STYKO also became a temporary player who helped Cloud9 after the end of the ECS Finals Season 5 event.

With the withdrawal of the withdrawal, there are only 3 active players left in the division CS: GO Cloud9 team:

  • Tyler “Skadoodle“Latham
  • Timothy “autimatic“Ta
  • Will “RUSH“Wierzba
Tribute to Drag “pull” Celik. Souce: Cloud9