Official Respawn Announces Solo Mode in Apex Legends

A few days ago RevivalTV uploaded an article about a person miner data with the name That1MiningGuy which found an indication of the existence of solo and duo modes Apex Legends after digging up the data in the game installation place.

From the data he found, there was a series of words written as “no fill“And it seems that the presence of this paper will be accompanied by a checkbox. If checkbox clicked by the player, then they will not be paired with the player who also did matchmaking. As a result, players are using the features fil nol will play in solo mode.

solo fashion illustration by That1MiningGuy (source: YouTube)

Yesterday’s article was limited to speculation without any clarity from Respawn’s side, but the next day, which is today, Respawn announced that they will be presenting solo mode for a limited time.

The presence of this solo mode is a part of event Iron Crown Collection. Unfortunately, the event, which runs from August 13 to August 27, does not offer new content in any form, only this solo mode.

source: Twitter

Lack of content that can attract players to return to play Apex Legends is one of the problems that the game experiences battle royale this. Even so, it seems they don’t have any plans to enrich their in-game content yet.

Are you guys going back to playing Apex Legends as long as this solo mode was released for a while? Or maybe you are still part of the handful of players who are loyal to play this game despite the many complaints from the community?