Officially Released, Valve Presents 4 Striking Differences in the 2018/19 DPC Season

In response to the announcement of the first major event, the Kuala Lumpur Major 2018, apparently Valve released the official website of the 2018/19 DPC website. Valve updated this page right on the night of 6 September 2018 following the announcement of the major event on Malaysian soil.

Some of the changes are indicated on the 2018-2019 DPC website by Valve. Of course the developer Dota 2 respond seriously to the complaints of the esports elements regarding the 2017/18 DPC season. Without further ado, let’s take a look at the striking changes in the DPC points winning rules for the latest season:

1. DPC Points Distribution

DPC point distribution. Source: Dota 2

DPC is a special and absolute requirement to achieve slots or a ticket to a grand event Dota 2, The International 9 in Shanghai, China. Several differences were shown, one of which was to give small teams the opportunity to show off in a competitive arena Dota 2.

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Now major and minor titles have changes in terms of getting total points in one event. The major event will present a total of 15,000 points worth of fantastic points, while the minor will only present 1,500 DPC points.

2. There is no Direct Invite

yawar sumail wesg
SumaiL at TI8. Source: Valve

Yup, all teams that compete along Valve, 5 minor and 5 major will only enter through the qualification system. Which means that the teams present are not differentiated by their achievements, but by their abilities.

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This result is present because of the many polemics regarding the feasibility of this team to obtain direct invite slot or not. The reason is, the teams from the qualifications actually managed to give a surprise, such as Winstrike Team (formerly FlyToMoon) which won the top 5 in the EPICENTER XL event.

Winstrike Team at The International 8. Source: Valve

In addition, the qualifying round is also to maximize the potential of teams that have not shown their abilities. As a result, the event Dota 2 able to provide room for new seeds in the professional realm.

Teams that have already qualified for the major qualifying rounds will also not be able to compete in the minor qualifiers. This means that there will be several different teams at each official event made by Valve.

3. Players No Longer Earn DPC Points

Roster OG at The International 8. Source: Valve

One of the decisions that can change the total change rooster last season this was finally changed by Valve. Several important pillars feel they have a special place when making changes rooster before time rooster lock.

Some examples like Universe who have high DPC points, so they are easily hunted by the top teams. With this result, DPC points will only be earned by team names, not players anymore.

4. The Most Direct Invite The International System

dota 2 ti8 gambling site
The International 2018. Source: Valve

Indeed, this season became a byword after Valve decided to bring the top 12 teams through the path direct invite at The International 9. Yup, 12 teams will confirm their position in the grand event Dota 2 in the 2018/19 DPC season.

Unlike the previous event, which only presented 8 teams by route direct invite. This time, Valve also only gave 1 slots through the qualifying round for The International 9.

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Indeed, the polemic also came from the qualifying rounds, especially jealousy over slots different in each region. Then, Valve provides a fair slot by providing one qualifying ticket in each region.

Of course there are still many detailed changes, but with these changes, of course Valve is clearly capturing the aspirations and criticisms of esports activists Dota 2. Apart from that Valve also removed the feature rooster lock for the 2018/2019 DPC season.

Roster Natus Vincere. Source: Wyk

But all teams Dota 2 given a limit until September 15, 2018 to register his team for the event made by Valve. Several teams have announced it, one of which is Natus Vincere with rooster filled with young players.