OG Got New Players, Will Be Better Than Ana?

The team that has held 4 times the Major Valve champions, OG, actually have not experienced significant problems in maintaining their performance – stick with draft strong and also with amazing play from each player. Even with an astonishing performance, in fact OG still unlucky when they underwent The International 7 – which they ended up in 7-8.

Their achievements in various Major Valve tournaments, including the champion in the 2017 Kiev Major and the Elimination Mode 3.0 title earlier this year have not actually increased their fortune at The International this year. This year they have been lucky enough to get a better ranking than last year – where those who are currently seeded after collecting three titles before The International 6 in fact have to lose dramatically than TNC Pro Team and ended the tournament at rank 9-12.

Then the news of Anathan’s discharge “Ana” Pham from the team, as soon as the Dota 2 transfer window this season opens, it remains a surprise to many parties. Nobody thought that a team that could be said to be in their best performance would have to lose one of their important pillars. ana himself stated that he left the team because he wanted to take a break from the competitive world of Dota 2 – which he said would be for the next one year.

Vacancies on the team OG also raises a lot of speculation circulating in the world Dota 2 community – who will deserve to be a replacement ana? Who is suitable to fill the position of someone with phenomenal performance in every tournament and able to make the difference for his team? These speculations were answered with the team’s latest news OG – they officially recruited Roman “Resolut1on” Fominok!

Resolut1on himself is not without a phenomenon so far – but is always covered with unpleasant news in every team he is under. What is unforgettable is of course its performance in the two editions of The International, namely TI6 and TI7. At The International 6 years ago, Resolut1on almost won if only his team back then, Digital Chaos, not beaten by Wings Gaming in the final with a score of 3-1.

This year, Resolut1on who was before The International 7 played for Planet Odd, barely made it to Dota 2’s biggest event after his team failed to get a place – aka already knocked out in regional qualifiers. Luckily, his previous team in Europe, Team Empire giving him the opportunity to be a substitute. That opportunity wasn’t wasted – Team Empire it was very successful with Resolut1on with them, where they ended the tournament at 7-8 with an impressive performance, one of which was beating Evil Geniuses!

With its performance and achievements, Resolut1on maybe it is considered worthy of replacing ana on the team OG. But the differences will be immediately visible, given the difference in position between the two of them. ana very phenomenal with filling positions Midlaner, and that’s undeniable. The problem is, Resolut1on is a player who plays in positions more often Hard Carry, even rarely play as Midlaner. Can it be Resolut1on replace ana on the team OG? Time will tell.