OG Secure Upper Bracket, Team Liquid Lower Bracket – DAC 2017

As RevivaL TV friends know that OG’s recent performance is unquestionable, by winning several tournaments and even becoming the only team that has won 3 Major tournaments at once, with the results they got we can say this was the team’s heyday OG.

s4 have fun. Image Source, instagram @ ogdota2

Still continuing, OG continues to radiate green even at the Dota 2 Asia Championship, seen from their performance in the past 2 days. OG managed to secure the Upper Bracket slot after winning 2-0 4 times in a row in the 2017 Groupstage DAC round.

Meanwhile, one of the teams that was said to be a rival, Team Liquid, was seen underperforming at DAC 2017. Two days of groupstage have been running, but they haven’t won 2-0 at all, all they got is a draw and a defeat. Occupying the team position with the smallest points made Team Liquid have to fight hard through the Lower Bracket, where the format for the first round is only Best of 1.

The moment when Team Liquid lost 2-0 to Invictus Gaming

Today is the last day of Groupstage DAC 2017, both OG and Team Liquid still have one match, but whatever the result will not affect them, but it will still affect other teams.

For the Groupstage Day 3 schedule you can see in the previous Mimin’s article at the following link (Link).