Oh my God, these are DOTA 2’s worst 3 months since 2014

The presence of new games on Steam has influenced Valve’s flagship game, DOTA 2. Since it was officially released in 2013, DOTA 2 players have continued to increase. However, the ups and downs are inevitable. Many old players have started to reduce their play quota, or have not played at all.

This is actually natural, but a significant decline in numbers seems unacceptable. Various efforts have been made by Valve, such as making tournaments more professional, updating many important elements in DOTA 2, as well as presenting fresh updates. Even now we are still waiting for the latest updates from the 2 heroes who are scheduled to come together with an update titled Dueling Fates.

Back to the beginning, it turns out that the last 3 months have indeed been a “dark period” for this one MOBA game. According to Steamcharts, DOTA 2 in a few months is in terms of the number of players. Uniquely, this fact is directly proportional to one of the Battle Royale games that are being loved, namely PlayerUnknown Battleground (PUBG). Because the decline in DOTA player numbers began in March 2017 at which time PUBG was just released even though it was still in its stages early access.

DOTA 2 data since January 2016, decreasing since March 2017

If asked whether this is a troubling one, the answer can be yes or no. DOTA 2 is not a small game or a seasonal game. This game will always have its loyal players. Even so, if this continues, it will certainly have an impact on regeneration as well as on the development of DOTA 2 itself.

Like the Battle Pass which has been regularly made in recent times, it attracts quite a lot of players. But starting next season, it seems that Battle Pass will only be here to welcome The International. I don’t know what Valve will do later, but one that might be an attraction later is Frostivus. An old event that is likely to be brought back to life by Valve for DOTA 2.

For Indonesia itself, PUBG fever cannot be denied. Many currently spend their time playing PUBG instead of DOTA 2. And PUBG player data since March 2017 below proves that DOTA 2 needs something fresh to attract its players again.

In addition, mobile games are also plaguing DOTA 2 gamers. The DOTA 2 community in Indonesia is also more or less affected by this.

Let’s see, how far has DOTA 2 lasted and returned to being the favorite game for some time to come.