Old Chicken Leave EHOME After more than 2 Years – RevivaLTV

Being a team retainer for more than 2 years in an esports team is certainly not an easy thing. Of course there are ups and downs of achievement. And today old chicken leaves EHOME, it’s official!

This announcement appeared in a tweet on their official Twitter account. Where the old chicken goes will be followed by the entry of 荧 (read: Ying, red) who is the retainer of Keen Gaming.

Yes, both teams will swap their two players.

For Ying himself, of course this move was a blessing in itself. EHOME is one of the big teams in China that will enhance its gaming experience.

But for old chicken, of course getting into a team that still often struggles in open qualifying rounds is certainly not an easy thing. And Keen Gaming’s management certainly hopes that the old chicken experience will bring fresh air to the team that was previously a team member of EHOME.

Keen Gaming itself was originally named EHOME.Keen, a team created as a way to develop young talent in China. For 2 years this team was formed, finally in September 2017 they broke away from EHOME management.

When talking about the star players who are currently shining in the DOTA 2 scene, many of them are EHOME.Keen graduates such as kpii, eLeVeN, and Kamma. Kpii’s name is certainly the most successful, especially after defending Newbee as it is today.

Image Courtesy: www.thescoreesports.com

For eLeVeN, he is the most patient. Been at EHOME.Keen long enough to finally be given the opportunity to enter the EHOME core team. Currently he is defending Vici Gaming after previously wearing the LGD Gaming uniform. Meanwhile, Kamma himself is currently defending a rising team, VGJ Thunder, who just won the Galaxy Battles II tournament yesterday.