Old Counter-Strike Weapon Returns for its 20th Anniversary

Just before the 20th anniversary of the Counter-Strike game series, the CS: GO Twitter account posted a teaser video featuring the return of a beloved item from the game’s past.

With only a few weeks until the Counter-Strike community celebrates the two-decade mark for the franchise, CS: GO fans are getting ready for something big to commemorate two multilevel shooter days.

With only a few weeks left until the Counter-Strike community celebrates two decades of the game series, CS: GO fans are getting ready for something big to commemorate it.

But Valve looks set to kick off the celebrations a little earlier, with a Throwback Thursday post that has taken the Counter-Strike community by storm for nostalgia.

In a post on October 17 yesterday, the developers showed a Terrorist player running after placing a bomb on the classic map, Dust 2.

Then when the bomb exploded they turned around and changed their weapon to the game’s old knife, as was the habit of old players.

Images: Valve

For those who don’t know what they are watching, the knife in hand is a knife from Counter-Strike 1.6, the latest version of the original Counter-Strike game released in 2000.

The knife from CS 1.6 is modeled after the Badland Bowie knife, designed by the famous knife maker Mick Strider.

As a major update for Cache is coming soon, CSGO developers are really trying to merge the old with the new for the upcoming 20th anniversary celebrations.

This knife will come with a look that is almost exactly like the one in the previous game series, but with updated visuals.

Unlike those knives, Cache will undergo some important changes that will definitely change the way pro teams and even casual players maneuver CS matches.

It’s not clear when this knife will be available to get, but it won’t be too long, as it will definitely be present during Counter-Strike’s 20th anniversary celebrations.