Once criticized, Virtus.Pro successfully defended the title of The Summit 7

The Summit 7 tournament just ended last night in Los Angeles, Virtus.pro not only came out as champion, but also managed to overcome a big challenge so as not to lose in the fifth game of the Grand Final for the second time.

Previously, Virtus.pro, which successfully reached the Grand Final of the Kiev Major tournament, became a topic of discussion in the Dota 2 community. The episode from the film True Sight that followed them throughout the Major tournament became a hot topic discussed both on the reddit forum, players and managerial staff. The cast argues that Valve makes them look like ‘villains’ in a movie whereas OG is a polite and kind team. The Virtus.pro team’s image was damaged by the drama for several weeks until it finally disappeared when the EPICENTER tournament was about to start.

As the only regional representative of the CIS in the EPICENTER tournament, VPs were expected to do well, but the bad results disappointed their fans at home. Again, this is a hot topic of conversation on the reddit forum. Virtus.pro is considered to be one of the most predictable teams when it comes to hero selection. Several players talked about the VP team drafting in their interview with cybersports.com. One of them is Danil ‘Dendi’ Ishutin who said, “It’s easy enough to predict what the VP will choose, and you can prepare for it. That’s the strategy carried over from the previous patch, VPs choose what they believe in. “

Ludwig ‘zai’ Wåhlberg had said he wanted to compete against Virtus Pro in Moscow, but that never happened because “they played very poorly. I can’t believe they appeared out of the ordinary. ” said zai. “They are arguably not on par with the way other teams play,” Zai mentioned in his interview. The only team that fought VP in the preliminary round was Team Liquid. When Ivan ‘MinD_ContRoL’ Borislavov was asked about the VP team’s hero selection pattern, he said “This is VP, they always play the same way, the same concept, the same hero, so we just beat them.”

So, with so much discussion about their limited hero selection strategy, Virtus.pro came to the Summit 7 tournament with something special for their opponents. They challenge themselves to play without repeating any hero selections for as long as possible.

For five days, Virtus.pro managed to do it and their performance was even better when it came to the lower bracket on the second day. VP continues to strive towards the Grand Final by sticking to the challenges they have created. They successfully defeated Digital Chaos, NP, LGD Gaming and Team Secret in the Grand Final. Defending the title when their opponents knew exactly what they were trying to do, became a tremendous feat for VP. Not only won the Summit 7, they were also invited directly to the The International 7 tournament.